Day: 7 October 2020

Why SME’s should spend money on rebranding when we’re on the edge of a recession

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How are you getting on with zoom and other online channels for collaborative working? Do you still have ‘in the flesh’ meetups with your work based colleagues and clients? Do you want to??

At the beginning of lockdown, as a company, we were, like many millions of companies and individuals thrown, unceremoniously, into a sea of doubt and insecurity. That sometimes feels like enveloping us. SURE we all have good and bad days, so WHEN do you start seriously thinking about how you are going to emerge from the other side of these problems in a healthier position than when you went in?

Should we bunker down and dream of sunnier times ahead, and there surely will be many sunny days ahead let’s make no mistake. WHEN we get over this crisis as individuals, as companies, countries, and one planet and its peoples, how will we be? Relieved! Yes!

We decided to hire a design company to rebrand our business. To think ahead to what people want most, and how we as an Excel agency can play our part in the new Post COVID Economy. Believing that we may need a new business model moving forward, and a much clearer vision of who we are and what we represent.

In the end, we are what we are as a business because we like to work with people and meet people, talk to people, and help solve their problems for them. I can vouch that this is true, for every expert in our team and I’m proud of that. At the moment our website just doesn’t look … well.. very friendly… We really hope that the new one will be and that our website visitors and hence our new customers, will come to value that quality all the more.

If you have a great service and want to put that message ‘out there’ then I’d argue that rebranding your business is a really worthwhile thing to consider. It’s not just about making up a good sales pitch, although that is clearly important. It’s about refocusing on the qualities that matter to you about your business. WHY did you start this business in the first place? What gets you up in the morning? Then taking those insights and working them into a new vision, a new brand. Hope you enjoy the trip.