5 Reasons To Book Excel Training Now!


Microsoft Excel is an incredibly versatile piece of software that has cemented itself into our work and home lives since its launch in the 1980s. Because it’s used every day in most businesses, employers often look for candidates with Excel training or experience using Excel in a previous role. 

Luckily, for those who have never used Excel before or need to brush up on their skills, Excel training courses are available to take online and face-to-face. From learning the basics to writing advanced formulas and using automation, there are many features to master. 

Knowing how to use Excel is a highly sought after skill, and these are just some of the reasons booking yourself onto Excel training courses will benefit you and your career. 


1. Increase Your Salary Prospects 


If you’ve got Excel skills or plan to gain them, one key benefit is higher earning potential.  Having certified Excel skills can, on average, increase earning potential by 12%. Additionally, 82% of jobs require Excel skills and/or experience with productivity software. 


2. Move Into a New Career


While general Excel skills are undoubtedly useful, you could use advanced skills to make a career move into a role that heavily relies on using Excel and its more advanced feature set. 

Many functions use Excel, from accounting to marketing to coding and eCommerce. You will make yourself an easy hire for an employer by learning the right mix of Excel skills for the position you want. 


3. Complete Daily Tasks a Lot Faster 


Have you ever heard of Excel automation? It’s one of the most loved and used features in Excel by large and small businesses alike. And, that’s not surprising given the time it can save. 

From automating repetitive daily tasks to generating dashboards and reporting, Excel automation is powerful. Learning how to master it will put you in a great position to claw back some time for you and your team. 


4. Stay Up To Date With New Features 


Software programmes regularly have updates and add new features, and Excel is no different. Excel refresher courses are a great way to go over your basic skills and learn about new features that will help make your job easier.


5. Excel Training Helps To Improve Business Performance 


Data collection and analysis have become essential activities in business, particularly those that sell online. But data is useless if companies don’t have the staff to cleanse, sort and analyse it. Anyone who can offer these skills to their business will be invaluable and help deliver data-driven marketing to improve sales and customer retention.  


Upskill & Earn More With Excel Training


In this post, we’ve covered five key reasons for booking an Excel training course. From earning more in your current role to making a career move having the right Excel skills will help in all of these areas and increase your chances of achieving what you want. 

Remember, Microsoft Excel is a vast programme, and there’s lots to learn, so pick your courses wisely! 

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