A new dawn for business

A few months ago (December to be exact), before covid was being talked about much, I put this phrase at the top of our website. I visit it again now in the light of the current global situation and pause for thought.

I believe that what is happening with I Cant Breathe has parallels in the new dawn for business, that is awaiting us.

Eventually i can’t breathe and hashtag BlackLivesMatter and related causes are all asking if we can have equity and fairness in society at every level. This call has been part of human discourse as far back as we can hazard a guess, and that call is STILL needing to be made now.

…there will be no peace until man gets justice, equal rights and justice.

Peter Tosh

Business will always ultimately boil down to people and human relationships, and our ability to harness the positive aspects of both, with be critical for all of us, moving into this brave future. This new dawn can be a herald for human endeavour, ingenuity, and desire for fairness.

If business is about who or what we can exploit, then ultimately the unfairness and inequality will just bite deeper as the world staggers forward. Those that have, will continue to feel the need to build higher and higher walls around themselves, as the only solution for the human tide battering at their gates.

I find this a terrible and wholly unnecessary scenario to face.

Imagine if everyone respected and cared about every other human being. This planet would be heaven on earth quite literally.

Lots of commentators have suggested that mankind finds itself at a fork in the road, and a part of all of us want things to just go back to how they were. This may not happen, and maybe it should not happen… and still we need to see the new way ahead.

Mankind must move forward together, that much is clear, but this can appear a bland statement until we realise that this can and must happen at every scale. Such movement will not be possible without trust, and trust is spawned from peace and justice, plain fairness..

As a white male living in a relatively prosperous country I’m consumed with the questions about what I can do for my family, my business and for our consultants. As consultants living in the west, we doubtlessly have some serious competition from very capable experts living in Asia, Africa and eastern European countries. Expertise that can be quite easily accessed online.

We also have a generation of children and young adults that need to be educated and given a chance to learn skills and get jobs in our new society. As a business I want to know how we can best help this.

Our New Dawn as a company, call it #TEENewDawn if you like, must do what it can to facilitate a new way of working from home, and a new way of offering the help and support that people need.

So we will soon be launching a new platform, that will help us help our customers in the best way possible. It’s going to take time to get it just right, but hopefully we can do our bit even if it is small.

Take care and keep positive.

New Dawn