Apprentices, Why we are looking for one.

Like all parents at the moment, we are looking ahead with growing concern about just what kind of world and society our children are going to inherit from us. My wife works with young people, advising them on widening participation in education; the subject of how to help the youth in our society is never far from our collective mindset.

The decision to take on an apprentice should not be taken lightly and certainly for us, the idea resurfaced several times until COVID struck, and it became clear that the need for an apprentice became center stage again.

A young apprentice can I hope, inject some new thinking into our business, and over time become a central figure in how we, as an organization, move forward and adapt to the new, challenging environment. As far as working from home and remote teamwork is concerned, we may have an advantage over lots of businesses, but we can only keep that advantage by exploring new ideas. An apprentice can be the perfect vessel for this change.

As a business we like to think of ourselves as a high value/low overhead organization; so we run our business from the living room and all our experts work remotely from home, in their own time, and only taking on the projects that they really feel match their expertise and interests. The question has always been “How do we fit an apprentice into this environment? “

Things have changed, and the prospects of a remote apprenticeship are now very real. It may not have been the perfect setup in the past, but arguably, with ‘work from home’ becoming a more accepted way to work now, a work-from-home apprenticeship is now a viable proposition. It’s going to be a challenge, but one that we are willing to take. If we as businesses don’t make this work, who will?

Many years ago my professor handed me a book called “Blueprint for a green economy. It was about sustainable growth and development, and it had a lasting effect on my thinking. Suggesting simply that future generations should inherit, at least as much ‘wealth’ as we inherited from our parents.

That ‘wealth’ can be a mixture of technological, societal, and environmental assets, and that it was possible to trade one type of asset off against another. Arguably, financial ‘wealth’ is no longer the most important for young people.

So what ‘wealth’ are we going to leave for the next generation? Alongside our commitment as a business to adhere to our environmental values, we want to support young people with future-proof employability and digital skills. We want to help our youth start their transition into the working life of the future and we feel the urgency of doing that now, more than ever.

We have started down the route of taking on an apprentice. We’ve contacted a couple of local colleges and universities, filled out some forms, and now keenly waiting for the next steps to evolve. I will keep you up to date on the process in #2 of this ongoing blog theme.

If you would like to chat further about our journey taking on an apprentice. Please email with ‘apprentice’ in the subject line and between myself and my wife, we can advise you further.

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