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Becoming the Expert that you are

If you’ve ever been there – worked hard to acquire a skill, and wouldn’t it be great to make some cash talking and doing that thing?

We can all talk the talk about the stuff we really like, but how do we make money with it? How do we monetize it?

So how do we become that Expert we’re thinking it would be really nice to be… The first thing you need to think about is communication. Reaching out to the people that want to hear what you have to offer… they’re out there, you just need to know how to do it.

We are currently building a system that will give you that power. No setup costs, just a secure login to your own online showroom with Video, Audio, File Share, Screen Share and the ability to switch to PayPerMinute at any time in your discussion with your client. We’re going to target small business owners such as yourself.

There are other platforms you can use, but they all lack something.. trust me I’ve looked. This is a truly comprehensive communication platform

The rest is up to you

YOU are an expert. No doubt about it. You may be someone who can instantly say what their expertise may be, many of us have to search around a bit to see what we are REALLY expert at

So what is your expertise? The thing that you alone know, that very personal passage that has brought you through life and landed up right where you are now, is your expertise. Frame it right, and other people will want to hear that knowledge, from you. You are an expert in your life, what is the thing, that you did, that will mean only a few other people will have had that experience or knowledge. Get thinking.

Start Monetizing Your Specialist Knowledge

This platform we are building at this time is the platform I so WISH I’d had when I started as a freelance Excel consultant. It will give our consultants, and it can give YOU if you want it, the possibility of a truly global market for your skills. All in one place

It’s a great opportunity. If you’re a stay at home parent, as I was, this could be exactly what you need to make that extra income. It’s certainly what I needed. This service doesn’t currently exist at an affordable price, in my opinion, so the idea is to make this whole service truly affordable for small start-up businesses like mine was, just a few years ago.

Our aim is to provide a truly versatile service for you to offer a wide range of online expertise. You will be able to use chat, voice, file sharing, webcam, and screen share functionality to give the help and support that you need. If you are a potential Expert, using this system, to help you make money selling your expertise, then you will be able to share your particular knowledge base with the world.

For your clients, these features will be available through a webpage. They can communicate with you for free, then when you both agree that the free consultation is at an end, you can move over to the paid option, or the ‘Free quotation’ option.

To continue ongoing support the visitor will then be able to buy units of time to be used in your virtual meeting room.

A casual user will have used their email address to create an account. A silver user will have logged a payment method with the website and possibly already purchased some credit.

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