Ask Excel: How old is my hamster

Why this video is so funny

In all of them hamsters try to run but end up flying into the air. Some have friends to help. In fact, one of the groups is a clang of hamsters. They run and run but always fail;

Its’ hilarious! especially when one gets stuck in the spokes. Everyone probarbly knows its mean to laugh, but i can’t stop laughing in hysterics! Who couldn’t?? Anyway, we can be these hamsters, we walk in circles, we have hair on our bodies, so we are these hamsters making these hilarious funny mistakes ha ha ha

Our 8 year olds take on this video

Breaking into a sweat now with Excel we find some Hamster ageing data and stick it into Excel. You can scrape our data from this website and paste it straight in no problems.

Right click any cell with data in and select ‘quick analysis’

Select Charts

Clustered column was the quick option this time. Ok we’re better off with points or a line graph so.

On the ribbon select ‘change chart type’ and lets select ‘line’ from the menu down the side.

Selecting line chart and then right-click on the line itself and we get the ‘trendline option’ this is actually a complete rerun on our previous blog about ageing in cats. The analysis is very similar. the results may not be though…

Excel suggests a straight line graph will be the best mathematical fit to our data about ageing in hamsters.

Scroll down slightly on the format trendline and click the two tick boxes

like this.

And we get this. Excel has fitted the best straight line that it can to our hamster data and the equation for that line is approximately…


Don’t let it scare you. The 9 is called the gradient

If I simplify it a bit. This is a very common kind of equation and its meaning is quite simple. 9 is the gradient of the curve. So for every year, I move along the human age axis(the x-axis) I move up 9 years on the cats age axis (the y axis) .. you’ll see figures like this on roadsigns warning us. Well, our gradient is 1:9 .

Then we have what is called the intersect which has a value of -2. This means that if when a cat is born, its -2 years old. I’ll leave you to ponder on this one…

Finally, we have what’s known as the R-squared value for the line. This is a measure of how good a fit, Excels trendline is, to the actual line.

Rsquared equaling 0.9 means that the trendline computed by Excel from our data, is actually a very good match to the actual data we collected.

Lets now try some other trendline solutions and see if they tell us anything…