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How To Automate With Microsoft Excel – A Brief Guide

Many businesses have Microsoft Excel. But they aren’t aware of how you can use Excel for automation. Giving the function to easily automate tasks, its macros feature will provide businesses with a convenient process that will save time – and therefore money. Also having the capability to standardise document formats, the possibilities are endless with Excel automation. 

You don’t have to be an Excel expert to use macros. You simply need to understand the steps in which you have to take to record the screen. Once you have pressed record, your actions will start to be recorded. Once the spreadsheet is exactly how you want it – with the correct formatting and style, you can stop the recording. The tasks will then be automated – without you having to interfere.

A Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) code, the macro will live within the document. With the ability to manipulate it, it can become an invaluable tool that can be used to:

  • Manipulate text and data
  • Create new documents
  • Apply the correct formatting and style 
  • Communicate with a variety of data sources – from text files to databases.

Things to Consider with Excel Macros

Before you dive headfirst into using Excel Macro, you must consider the implications of using the program. Firstly, you must be aware of the fact that if you want to move the data from one worksheet to another, the VBA code must be manually modified. 

Secondly, you will want to ensure that you have set precise instructions before fully automating the tasks. You don’t want to come back onto the and columns have been destroyed! To make sure this doesn’t happen, it’s a good idea to thoroughly research how to use macros. Once you’re fully aware of the process, have a few practice runs before implementing it within the business.

How Businesses Can Use Excel: Use Cases 

As aforementioned, Excel can be used to automate tasks. Not only do businesses love this because it saves their employees time, but it will reduce labour costs, can result in an improved performance within your workforce and can increase productivity.

Here are some use cases, demonstrating the specific ways in which businesses can utilise this tool:

  • Preparing and automating customer reports from the collected data – e.g information can be sourced from questionnaires or scanned barcodes.
  • Merging data to create custom lists – a way of preparing the data so it can then be imported into another system.
  • A way of creating custom spreadsheet templates
  • Creating budget plans and forecasts – key within the financial industry.

A Simple Step-by-Step Process of Recording Your Screen on Macros

  1. Go on Microsoft Excel
  2. Click on preferences on the toolbar
  3. Click on the ribbon tab
  4. In the customise the ribbon tab, select the Developer box before clicking save.

Once you have completed these steps, you can do the following:

  1. Click Record Macro on the Developer tab
  2. A box will appear, within this Macro name box, enter a name – make sure you don’t put any spaces.
  3. Select where you will want to save your macro – if you only require it to be saved in that particular workbook, save it under ‘This Workbook’. Alternatively, select ‘Personal Macro Workbook’ if you want to use it on any computer.
  4. In the Description box that appears, describe what the macro does – this is invaluable if multiple people will be accessing the document.
  5. Click OK – this will start the recording
  6. Perform the actions you want.
  7. Click on the Developer tab and select Stop Recording

Final Thoughts

So there you go. Those are just some of the use cases for Microsoft Excel. A tool that can be utilised when you want to automate processes within your business, the benefits that come with it aren’t limited by the industry that you’re in. Although it is a simple process when you get the hang of it, you may require Excel help and may want to hire Excel specialists from time to time – which is where we come in.

Ask Excel: How old is my hamster

Why this video is so funny

In all of them hamsters try to run but end up flying into the air. Some have friends to help. In fact, one of the groups is a clang of hamsters. They run and run but always fail;

Its’ hilarious! especially when one gets stuck in the spokes. Everyone probarbly knows its mean to laugh, but i can’t stop laughing in hysterics! Who couldn’t?? Anyway, we can be these hamsters, we walk in circles, we have hair on our bodies, so we are these hamsters making these hilarious funny mistakes ha ha ha

Our 8 year olds take on this video

Breaking into a sweat now with Excel we find some Hamster ageing data and stick it into Excel. You can scrape our data from this website and paste it straight in no problems.

Right click any cell with data in and select ‘quick analysis’

Select Charts

Clustered column was the quick option this time. Ok we’re better off with points or a line graph so.

On the ribbon select ‘change chart type’ and lets select ‘line’ from the menu down the side.

Selecting line chart and then right-click on the line itself and we get the ‘trendline option’ this is actually a complete rerun on our previous blog about ageing in cats. The analysis is very similar. the results may not be though…

Excel suggests a straight line graph will be the best mathematical fit to our data about ageing in hamsters.

Scroll down slightly on the format trendline and click the two tick boxes

like this.

And we get this. Excel has fitted the best straight line that it can to our hamster data and the equation for that line is approximately…


Don’t let it scare you. The 9 is called the gradient

If I simplify it a bit. This is a very common kind of equation and its meaning is quite simple. 9 is the gradient of the curve. So for every year, I move along the human age axis(the x-axis) I move up 9 years on the cats age axis (the y axis) .. you’ll see figures like this on roadsigns warning us. Well, our gradient is 1:9 .

Then we have what is called the intersect which has a value of -2. This means that if when a cat is born, its -2 years old. I’ll leave you to ponder on this one…

Finally, we have what’s known as the R-squared value for the line. This is a measure of how good a fit, Excels trendline is, to the actual line.

Rsquared equaling 0.9 means that the trendline computed by Excel from our data, is actually a very good match to the actual data we collected.

Lets now try some other trendline solutions and see if they tell us anything…


Ask Excel: How old is my cat?

After the outrageous success of our last blog post, we rushed to bring you more pet centered excitement. This time we use Excel to answer the question “So how old is my cat in human years?”

I found this information easily enough on the internet, this is a mixture of several websites, none of which seem to just have the data like we’ve got it here. So eventually got 2 columns of data Cat Year and Human Year, that’s a good start. For some of you, this will be enough I expect, but this post is really for people that want a bit more insight into the ageing process in cats… maybe??

Next, we’re going to take a closer look by using Excel.

Cat vs Human years in excel
Raw Data for cat vs human ageing

Interestingly I’ve just found a chart of Human vs cats years here. The figures disagree a bit but I may revisit this new data later on in this blog.

On with the show, Right-click on one of the cells with data in, and select Quick Analysis. Most of the time this is enough

selecting quick analysis in Excel

Select the charts tab and the line graph. You should get this chart, you can change the title or whatever.

linegraph of human vs cats ages
fitting trend line in Excel

Right-click on the blue line and select ‘Format trendline.’ This is how we’re going to find some simple information about this curve, about this relationship between the ageing of humans and cats.

format trendline

On the right-hand side of your screen, Excel will try to guess what time of line you are analyzing. In this case it correctly guesses that you are looking at a linear graph (straight-line graph in English…)

select linear trendline in excel

We want to display some information about the trendline so near the bottom select the two tick boxes as shown.

select 'Display Equation on chart' in Excel

‘Display Equation on chart’ – we want to see what kind of line Excel thinks we are looking at and this is the easy way to do it. A trendline is the way a computer can analyze a set of data and make a guess at any underlying mathematics that may be exhibited in the graph. A pretty impressive thing to do really. That maths actually ‘works’ amazes me sometimes.

‘Display R-squared value on chart’ .. we’ll get to that in a bit..

excel formula of curve and R squared value

gradient 1:5 photo

OK we’ve got a result: Excel tells us the equation of the line y=4x +15 if I simplify it a bit. This is a very common kind of equation and its meaning is quite simple. 4 is the gradient of the curve. So for every year, I move along the human age axis(the x-axis) I move up 4 years on the cats age axis (the y axis) .. you’ll see figures like this on roadsigns warning us. Well, our gradient is 1:4 .

Then we have what is called the intersect which has a value of 15. This means that if when a cat is born, its already 15 years old. I’ll leave you to ponder on this one…

Finally, we have what’s known as the R-squared value for the line. This is a measure of how good a fit, Excels trendline is, to the actual line.

Rsquared equaling 0.9 means that the trendline computed by Excel from our data, is actually a very good match to the actual data we collected.

Finally, here is a web app to make that vital computation for you.. accurate to many decimal places I’m sure…


Ask Excel: How old is my dog?

I thought my dog was only 14 in ‘dog years’ in biological terms. I was wrong! Excel showed me, in fact, that her true ‘dog age’ is actually very different.

What age is your dog? We all know the old story that a year of our life is like 7 years for a dog? Based upon the simple maths that we live on average 80yrs and a dog 12yrs so roughly a ratio of 7:1. But the reality is as usual, more complex than that. In fact, dogs age very quickly during their first couple of years and then level off substantially.

A team of researchers at the University of California, San Diego measured how the genes of labradors changed over time in ways that are associated with ‘ageing’ and found a rather surprising conclusion. (source)The relationship between ageing in dogs and humans is actually a logarithmic curve.

I decided to put this formula into an Excel workbook just for fun. Taking the human age from column cell (A2):

Age of dog calculator
The function to use is: dog age= 16*ln(human age)+31

We’re using the Excel function Ln which is a natural logarithm.

Now let us draw a graph of it.

Select both cells and drag them now a few rows..

Excel create chart

Right-click on one of the tables cells and select Quick Analysis

Excel create chart 2
Excel create chart 3

Select Charts tab and then line chart. You should get a chart something like this..

Suppose now you wanted to share this wonderful fact with all your colleagues? The best way is possibly by writing a simple web app that may work similarly to this one:


If you want to Ask Excel anything, please leave a comment on this post.


XLOOKUP in Excel and the latest from the Microsoft Office 365 update

Every so often, Microsoft updates Microsoft Office 365 – its cloud-based productivity platform. The software giant makes changes to both the apps in the suite and the system as a whole, and this month is no different. We’ve seen updates across the board in Outlook, Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote and Yammer. The Excel Experts talk you through some of the changes in the latest update.

Microsoft Updates XLOOKUP

Up until now, you had to use VLOOKUP if you wanted to find and retrieve information on an Excel spreadsheet. The system was good, but it had limitations, notably, an inability to search anything on left columns and the fact that it took wildcards by default. 

In the latest Microsoft Office 365 update, Microsoft addresses these issues. First, its new search tool XLOOKUP corrects the limitations of VLOOKUP. Second, it also makes changes to the base programming to make search faster and more responsive for Excel developers and users. 

Currently, the latest tools are only available to Office Insiders, but Microsoft says that it will be rolling it out more widely soon. 

PowerPoint Users Get More Superscript And Subscript Functionality

Desktop users of PowerPoint can import superscripts, subscripts, and cases directly from their web browsers. The feature makes it easy for users to import the correct formatting after pasting from the internet.  There is no need to go into the format menu and manually edit the text. 

With the latest Microsoft Office 365 update, Microsoft says that it’s rolling out the same features to the 365 community too. Pasting into Office 365 PowerPoint will be case, superscript, and subscript sensitive. 

Word, Excel And PowerPoint Users Get Sketched Shapes Integration

Many Office 365 users want to be able to transform computer-generated images into objects that look hand-drawn. The new update from Microsoft adds Sketched Shapes functionality to Office 365 Word, Excel and PowerPoint users, allowing them to create images that look like smooth, hand-drawn sketches (with all of the aberrations you’d expect from using an actual human hand). It’s purely for artistic effect, but it is a powerful tool that promises to enhance the friendliness and impact of documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

Mac and iPad Users Get Outlook Meeting Features

Apple and Microsoft might be competitors, but that hasn’t prevented the latter from trying to make its notebook product, OneNote, more appealing to Mac and iPad users. The latest Microsoft Office 365 update allows users to add Outlook meeting details such as the time, date and who will be in attendance, to OneNote. iPhone users can also use a stylus to enter details by hand automatically. 

Dark Mode For Outlook Users To Extend Battery Life

Microsoft Office 365 is a mobile-first product. But there’s a problem: the battery life on most mobile devices. The company’s solution is “dark mode” for Office 365. Microsoft claims that the new dark mode will extend battery life without compromising on usability or features. The update works by swapping white backgrounds that require a lot of backlight energy, for black. Page features, like text, appear white, not black. Dark mode is also helpful to protect users against blue light when working late. 

Five Great Tips to Speed Up Excel When Working on Large Spreadsheets

You may have noticed that the larger your Excel spreadsheet becomes, the slower its response times tend to get. From formatting cells to calculating formulas, as well simply waiting for the file to open or save, a slow-moving spreadsheet can be frustrating to use.

Aside from the annoyances, when it comes to business, time is money. The longer you spend waiting for your unwieldy spreadsheet to respond, or needlessly perform repetitive tasks, the more your productivity suffers. That’s why The Excel Experts have put together our five best tips and solutions to help with this problem, and help get you back on track.

Create Multiple Spreadsheets in One Workbook

portfolio management spreadsheet

This may sound obvious, but you’d be surprised how many times some Excel users needlessly push the capabilities of Excel by loading all their data into just one spreadsheet. One of the main ways to keep Excel working quickly is to create multiple spreadsheets in one workbook, and then link between them using three-dimensional formulas.

Use Format Painter

This is a great way to make formatting and reformatting cells quick and painless. With the Format Painter feature, you can do it automatically without taking ages to transfer each one manually. The Format Painter icon is the button in the top left that looks like a painter’s brush. Simply select the cell with the format you wish to use, then click the Format Painter icon, and proceed the cursor to the cells/column/row that you want to replicate the format in. You’ll notice the cursor becomes a bold plus and paintbrush, which you can then drag and drop using your mouse. Your highlighted cells will then replicate the original format, without the need to navigate and select via the menu all over again.

Split Your Screen

By using the Split Screen feature in Excel, you can view and work on multiple sections of your spreadsheet at one time, allowing you to jump between tasks for a more efficient approach. To split your spreadsheet out into up to four views, just position your cursor where you’d like to split the screen then select View > Split from the top menu. You can then adjust the positioning by placing your cursor on the divide line and dragging it across. Once you’ve finished using the feature, just click the same section in the menu to return to normal.

Turn off Automatic Workbook Calculations

Make your large spreadsheet more responsive by turning off the Automatic Workbook Calculations. This means that instead of Excel working out calculations and formulas instantly, you can instead get your spreadsheet to withhold calculations until you decide to do them. This means the document is performing less processes, and should be quicker as you use it. To toggle this setting, just navigate through File > Options > Formulas, then in the first section – Calculate Options Under Workbook Calculation – change the setting to Manual. Finally, uncheck the Recalculate Workbook Before Saving box, and click okay. All you’ll need to do to make spreadsheet calculations now is hit the F9 key once you’re ready to do so.

Upgrade to Excel 64 Bit

If all else fails, a larger solution could be to switch to the 64-bit version of Excel (if you’re still on the 32). One feature of the 64-bit version is to enforce spreadsheet limits which are only based on available memory and system resources, which means a more streamlined operation. Just remember that 64-bit Office programmes only work with 64-bit Windows, and if you want to change one Office programme to 64-bit, you’ll have to upgrade the entire Office suite with it, or the programme won’t run. For more information on upgrading or super charging your Excel, speak to one of our Excel specialists who can give you a full consultation.

From Bitcoin to Exporting Spreadsheets from Photos – The latest on Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is an ever-evolving this platform, so it’s a good idea to ensure you’re updating your Microsoft Office services regularly. This will ensure you’re getting the most from each update, and have full use of all the latest features.

Over the last few months Microsoft has rolled out a number of new functions, both across Excel and the wider Office 365 suite in general. In case you missed it, The Excel Experts take you through some of the biggest news around Microsoft Excel, featuring some of the latest capabilities the program has to offer.

Bitcoin Support

Microsoft has actually been accepting Bitcoin payments since 2014, which is a testament to the company’s ongoing support for the sometimes controversial cryptocurrency. In fact, Microsoft was one of the very first institutions to adopt Bitcoin use, adding payment compatibility to a range of its programs and services, and going a long way towards normalising it as a payment method.

Recent developments have seen Microsoft building on this relationship by developing a new decentralised identity tool on the Bitcoin platform itself. Going by the project name ‘Ion’, it aims to give users more independence and control of their digital identities. This is great news for existing Bitcoin users, and may also offer new incentives for those at the consideration stage of Bitcoin adoption.

Import Spreadsheets via Camera

Microsoft 365 has seen a range of updates recently, including a particularly exciting one for Excel users. A terrific new feature for iPhone owners, Excel now has the functionality to import worksheets and data by simply taking a photo of the original spreadsheet with an iPhone camera. All the user needs to do is simply snap a printed table, and the Excel for iPhone can convert it into a fully editable table within the app.

This is made possible thanks to sophisticated artificial intelligence and machine learning, which work together using optical character recognition. What’s more, this advanced system can automatically detect different inputs, such as schedules, timetables and financial records, and populate the digital version accordingly. Set to be a game-changer when it comes to sharing data, or taking away info from presentations, this functionality is available now on Excel for iPhone, in the App Store.

Resolutions to ongoing Windows 10 error

If you work on Windows 10, you may have been recently frustrated by a recurring error. Many users have been left scratching their heads after seeing the message ‘There’s a problem with this formula’ when trying to use a formula making different calculations. Even if the formula was correct to begin with, and had been in use for years, Excel may claim there’s a problem and disallow the function.

Luckily, several possible solutions have recently been flagged as a way to resolve this. The first is to us system separators, which you can do by navigating through File>Options>Advanced, then ticking the box marked Use system separators.

Another option is to check your system regional settings. These can be found in the Control Panel through Clock and Region, where you’ll need to go to Formats and view Additional Settings. Here, look for List separators within the Numbers tab and make sure this is populated with a comma.

Third and finally, check if the problem is a spelling issue. To see if this is the case, navigate through File> Options> Proofing and make sure you’ve ticked the box to Ignore words that contain numbers.

For more Excel help or advice, please feel free to contact us.

The Best Free Excel Templates for Project Management

Project Management requires a lot of multi-tasking, and it can often be difficult to keep up with the various tasks and objectives you have running at any one time. You’ll need first-rate organisation, as well as an easy-to-view platform for your progress and results.

Microsoft Excel is the ideal tool for assisting with project management, whether you’re working as part of a small business or large organisation. What’s more, it’s easier than ever to manage your tasks and record your progress, thanks to a range of free Excel templates, available to download directly from Microsoft.

To help you get started, this blog will talk you through the best templates available, and how they can assist at the various stages of your project.

Ideas Planning

Download here (

The first stage of any project to set out the best ideas to help you define your tasks and achieve your objective. You may have been provided with a strategy from the start, or you may need to set aside some time to brainstorm your plan. This useful template is the ideal starting point, allowing you to assign tasks and due dates to your goal, and track your initial progress. With added room for notes, and the option to colour-code your status levels, it’s a great document to get you started.

Work Plan Timeline

Download here –

The next step in your project management journey will be to organise your workflow, and plan your activity into a clear timeline which can be easily followed. This worksheet template is split into two sections – activities and outcomes – letting you clearly define your ideas from the planning section into a roadmap for success. Simply input your tasks and outcomes into separate phases, and let the worksheet automatically update your roadmap with the data you enter. This template is both straightforward and easy-to-use, making it perfect for small businesses or those less familiar with Excel.

Project Tracker

Download here –

As a project manager, keeping multiple projects moving forwards at once can feel a bit like spinning plates. Luckily, this dedicated template is a ready-made solution to assist you with the functionality to track each task, add a description of its individual objective, as well as recording the colleague it’s assigned to, the time being spent, and the return-on-investment generated. This workbook allows managers to monitor tasks by either category or employee, and there’s an in-built calculator based on conditional formatting and user input to assist with flagging over/under results.

Milestone Tracker

Download here –

Most projects will include multiple milestones along the way to success, and its useful to track these deadlines visually. Working alongside your roadmap and tracker, this timeline will allow you to map out the journey of your project into a timeline diagram. As well as being a useful tool for tracking the progress of your project, a visual display of your milestones can also be an inspiring document. It allows both you and your team to measure your journey, and celebrate those mini-successes on the way to your ultimate objectives.

If you’re looking for extra information, training or consultancy regarding your spreadsheet systems, be sure to contact The Excel Experts. With a team of Excel specialists ready to help, we offer both face-to-face assistance and remote working to help your business unlock the full potential of Microsoft Excel.

    What is remote Excel support and how is it delivered?

    Microsoft Excel is an integral part of many business, performing a range of important tasks and functions. From accountancy, to tracking workflow, to data analytics, Excel provides such valuable assistance that it’s keenly felt when something goes wrong. Having your own Excel consultant is a useful asset, but the longer you spend waiting for a visit, the more your company’s productivity is likely to take a hit. With remote Excel support, however, an Excel expert can resolve your issue without ever needing to set foot through your door.

    How remote Excel support works

    There are two main ways to make the most of remote Excel support. The most common is a voice or video call via Skype to discuss your issue. In many cases, the solution will be simple enough for an Excel consultant to let you know the advised course of action, which you can then instigate without further delay.

    The second option is to set up a screen-sharing connection with an Excel support technician through a service such as TeamViewer. This means your consultant can watch your display as you work, and provide step-by-step help that you can follow, advising you as you go. If the issue is more complex, you can grant your specialist the permission to take control of your system, allowing them to remotely fix the issue first-hand without you even having to touch the keyboard.

    Ongoing support packages

    Utilising Microsoft Excel isn’t just about keeping your current set-up running smoothly. Excel is constantly being updated, and has more features and potential than many business owners may be aware of. With the help of an Excel consultant you’ll receive ongoing recommendations, tailored to your specific business.

    Whether you want to create more detailed reports, track and analyse multiple data flows, or integrate Excel into other programmes, an excel consultant can help you optimise your current system. This doesn’t always require a physical visit, as complex spreadsheets can be built with remote access to your system. You can also arrange monthly, weekly, or even daily video conference calls to ensure ongoing support and recommendations going forward.

    The benefits of remote Excel support

    Due to the nature of remote Excel support, you can expect a resolution to a pressing issue in far less time that waiting for a call-out. Simply arrange a call or screen-share at your earliest convenience, saving your business both time and money.

    Ongoing remote Excel support is built around convenience, allowing you to fit the service within your working schedule. Ease your weekly workload with advice and recommendations from a spreadsheet consultant, building a relationship with a network of support at your disposal. As well as improving your current Excel operations and your own Excel knowledge, an Excel consultant can help to train your employees to ensure your entire workforce can use Excel efficiently.

    If you’re looking for ongoing support with Excel – either face-to-face or via remote support – be sure to get in touch with our professional team, here at The Excel Experts. We can offer expert consultants in all areas of business, to provide immediate solutions, guidance and training. With competitive pricing, alongside numerous endorsements from our many clients nationwide, we’re ready to help you use Excel in ways you’d never thought possible.

    How working with an Excel specialist can boost your business

    If you run a business, chances are you use Microsoft Excel in some capacity. Although most Excel users are able to draft adequate spreadsheets and make use of the platform’s key functions, there are more features and capabilities to the software than most people are aware of.

    Microsoft Excel is an incredibly versatile and powerful tool when used to its full potential. There are multiple online courses devoted to improving your Excel skills, but these are usually presented in a generic capacity, and not tailored to meet your individual business needs.

    By hiring an Excel consultant to oversee your Office systems, you’ll enjoy many more benefits than a simple course. Below, we take a look at just a few.

    Business Integration

    One of the most valuable benefits of hiring an Excel consultant is that they’re able to tailor their advice to meet you specific requirements. Whether you’re looking to create dedicated reports and graphs to track data, or program efficient macros to ease your workload, a consultant can make recommendations based on your unique operation. Chances are, you may also have an existing spreadsheet setup which you’d like optimising, or data-flows from other systems which you’d like to channel through Excel. In these cases, your consultant can offer a range of solutions based on your existing system – something you’d struggle to find through an online course. While a course may offer a set of steps and instructions, having a consultant present means you’ll get assistance and feedback along the way, as well as the guarantee that a process will be implemented correctly and without error.

    Personal Service

    With an Excel consultant, you and your workforce will have a wealth of Excel experience at your disposal. Consultants are usually able to assist remotely through Skype conference calls, or face-to-face via workplace visits. Whichever option is most convenient to you, you’ll receive more than just the implementation of new systems. Excel consultants also offer advice on best practices going forwards, as well as training both you and your workforce in how to use Excel to its full potential. They can answer any questions you may have, and clearly explain concepts or processes that may be initially confusing. This means that as time goes by, you’ll become more adept at creating formulas, analysing raw data, and setting up automations that will save you time and effort in the long run. From standard spreadsheets, to dynamic reports and the infamous Pivot Table, your workforce will soon be Excel experts too.

    Ongoing Recommendations

    When you hire an Excel consultant, you’ll have an expert at your disposal who can continue to assist as your business changes, progresses and develops. While an online course may teach you the basics in the short-term, a consultant is a much more practical solution for long-term improvements. Your business is likely to evolve, as are best practices, and an ongoing-consultancy can make sure your business systems adapt as times change.

    If you’re looking to grow your business with the help of an Excel Consultant, we offer experts in numerous fields such as retail, accountancy, and scientific research, here at The Excel Experts. Offering personal visits or remote assistance, we’re ready to help improve your dataflow and automate your workload so that your employees can spend their time doing what they do best. For a free quote, and to discuss your requirements, contact us today.