From Bitcoin to Exporting Spreadsheets from Photos – The latest on Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is an ever-evolving this platform, so it’s a good idea to ensure you’re updating your Microsoft Office services regularly. This will ensure you’re getting the most from each update, and have full use of all the latest features.

Over the last few months Microsoft has rolled out a number of new functions, both across Excel and the wider Office 365 suite in general. In case you missed it, The Excel Experts take you through some of the biggest news around Microsoft Excel, featuring some of the latest capabilities the program has to offer.

Bitcoin Support

Microsoft has actually been accepting Bitcoin payments since 2014, which is a testament to the company’s ongoing support for the sometimes controversial cryptocurrency. In fact, Microsoft was one of the very first institutions to adopt Bitcoin use, adding payment compatibility to a range of its programs and services, and going a long way towards normalising it as a payment method.

Recent developments have seen Microsoft building on this relationship by developing a new decentralised identity tool on the Bitcoin platform itself. Going by the project name ‘Ion’, it aims to give users more independence and control of their digital identities. This is great news for existing Bitcoin users, and may also offer new incentives for those at the consideration stage of Bitcoin adoption.

Import Spreadsheets via Camera

Microsoft 365 has seen a range of updates recently, including a particularly exciting one for Excel users. A terrific new feature for iPhone owners, Excel now has the functionality to import worksheets and data by simply taking a photo of the original spreadsheet with an iPhone camera. All the user needs to do is simply snap a printed table, and the Excel for iPhone can convert it into a fully editable table within the app.

This is made possible thanks to sophisticated artificial intelligence and machine learning, which work together using optical character recognition. What’s more, this advanced system can automatically detect different inputs, such as schedules, timetables and financial records, and populate the digital version accordingly. Set to be a game-changer when it comes to sharing data, or taking away info from presentations, this functionality is available now on Excel for iPhone, in the App Store.

Resolutions to ongoing Windows 10 error

If you work on Windows 10, you may have been recently frustrated by a recurring error. Many users have been left scratching their heads after seeing the message ‘There’s a problem with this formula’ when trying to use a formula making different calculations. Even if the formula was correct to begin with, and had been in use for years, Excel may claim there’s a problem and disallow the function.

Luckily, several possible solutions have recently been flagged as a way to resolve this. The first is to us system separators, which you can do by navigating through File>Options>Advanced, then ticking the box marked Use system separators.

Another option is to check your system regional settings. These can be found in the Control Panel through Clock and Region, where you’ll need to go to Formats and view Additional Settings. Here, look for List separators within the Numbers tab and make sure this is populated with a comma.

Third and finally, check if the problem is a spelling issue. To see if this is the case, navigate through File> Options> Proofing and make sure you’ve ticked the box to Ignore words that contain numbers.

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