Excel Quick Fix

Excel Quick Fix

Use Excel QuickFix – For Any Excel Project Taking Under Six Hours

Will your Excel project likely take an expert less than six hours to complete, Excel QuickFix solves small tasks for a flat fee.

Projects under 1 hour are £85 +VAT.

2 hours are £160 + VAT

3 hours are £240 + VAT

4 hours are £320 +VAT.

5 hours are £390 +VAT.

With very small projects, we save you money by saving ourselves work. Usually, we send out quotation and only invoice when you are delighted with the result.

For QuickFix projects we’ll invoice you immediately. Invoices need to be paid before the work commences. This is mainly because we lose far too many small invoices that never get paid, but also because it reduces our paperwork considerably so we can pass the saving on to you… its WIN/WIN.

Excel QuickFix is fast, secure and offers a 100% delighted guarantee. If yo1u’re not delighted we will offer a full refund.

A small project could be:

  1. Help with a function or formula
  2. Helping you find the mistake in a solution
  3. A simple macro, like one that moves data around for you really quickly saving you hours
  4. Changing the formatting or layout of some data.  Creating a dashboard of some dataset.
  5. File corrupted? We can probably fix it
  6. Something else not too big…

Ask us for Excel Quickfix for small consultation projects