Order Tracking and Invoicing Spreadsheet

Order Tracking and Invoicing System

Most businesses have some kind of tracking or invoicing system.  To do such menial tasks without a computer would be considered madness. So many of our customers ask us to build or add functionality to the Excel workbooks that they use for Invoicing and Order tracking.  The beauty being of cause, that the system will be exactly how they want it to be. So often with systems brought ‘off the shelf’, we have to live with compromises and workarounds.

With careful planning and briefing, we can build a system exactly as you want it.  VBA can be used to add automation to your system, potentially saving you many hours in tedious cut/paste routines.

We built the Order tracking and Invoicing system for a film processing agency, that wanted to keep track of their clients orders as they passed through their factory.

Information from the arrival package was first scanned into the system and the relevant information extracted automatically and stored in an Excel database. This save the client lots of time as this process was normally done manually and took many hours a week.

customer order input form

The Order Input system

Every stage of the process had a custom form that the user could fill in or review the information. This type of design makes using the system very easy and the learning/teaching curve is not steep or long.

Information is input and stored in the ‘Film ordering System’

  • Store name and ID
  • Order name

Then the order details such as :

  • Film type
  • Print size.
  • CD or print
Customer Order Input Form

Customer Order Input Form

The Order Invoicing System

The invoicing system, while not on the original brief, turned out to be a very welcome addition to the project. Its often the case that we can recommend additional functionality that you may not have thought about.

Here is the reply left by our client on this one:

“Many thanks once again for all your help, J is very happy with the spreadsheet, it makes his job a lot easier. If we have any similar projects in the future we will definitely be looking to use your services again.”