Using Excel for Postcode Analysis Of Your Clients

What postcode analysis can say about you or your clients

What does postcode analysis say about you or the potential clients that you are trying to reach? Mailing can be a hit and miss affair if not handled correctly. We cut down trees and turn them into junk mail,-surely anything that can reduce wastage is a good thing. Amongst many other things, Postcode analysis can help save the environment!

Most people don’t generally mind getting marketing information about things that are relevant and of interest to them. Postcode analysis can help you target the right audience for your services or product. Which in turn helps your clients make the best decisions possible, save resources, and everyone can be a little happier.

Postcodes can firstly tell you how far away your potential clients are from you, and, when linked to other data sources such as Acorn, can also say something about their social-economic status, age, and even interests.  Now, this is the kind of information that can be useful in your next marketing campaign.

Postcode analysis

To this end, Excel is excellent at handling huge amounts of meta-data and at pinning that data onto a map. You will see from our case study about Drive Times that Excel can reach much further than simple Postcode Analysis.  With a fairly simple Macro,  It can also calculate the travel distances between points and hence do proximity analysis.

One of our clients was a marketing consultancy specializing in data modeling, segmentation and evaluation solutions for the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry. Working closely with them over a number of years, innovating systems using mainly Excel, SPSS and MapInfo, we predicted the best postcodes our clients should mailshot, too drive the maximum uplift in their stores.

Excel can offer a very powerful and versatile backbone to your marketing analytics as well as powerful graphing and dashboarding functionality.  By using Excel Automation, many repetitive and time-consuming tasks can be completed at the press of a button.  Think about using Excel in your marketing project.