The Science Dashboard in Excel

Building a dashboard for Science in Excel

The science dashboard in Excel offers the combination of a very powerful analysis engine, matched with a colourful and animated front end. We use VBA and .net languages… such as or C#, to write the most powerful querying and analysis engines. By automating processes we save our customers large amounts of time.

An Excel dashboard gives you high-level, concise and visual ‘at-a-glance’ overviews of your data or results, KPI’s. providing insight & analysis in a timely manner, and often displaying conclusions if required.   It will give you the ability to understand data quickly and with little effort, allowing you to ask and answer questions in real-time, turning insight into innovation and action.

Excel Dashboard

Maybe a dashboard displaying data such as the following:

  • Actuals/Forecast
  • Reporting
  • Utilization of Resources

With many years of working in and with the Environmental sector we really look forward to our next challenge.