Creating A KPI Dashboard

Key Performance Indicator or KPI Dashboards

  • Excel Dashboards can be created and automated to deliver a specific type of business data directly to the appropriate audience.
  • Key Performance Indicator Dashboards or KPI Dashboards provide an excellent example of some of the potential applications of Excel Dashboards for displaying data and charts.
  • The Dashboard or interface itself can be fine-tuned to provide a highly intuitive, interactive user experience, saving clicks, time and money.
Excel Dashboard

Once you begin to use Excel Dashboards and understand their potential applications – including how they can be used to produce the kind of metrics that your users expect – there are three major elements to Excel Dashboards that you need to learn to understand and work with.

  • How to import or transfer data into your Dashboard.
  • How to manage the data within the Dashboard, such as by means of linking it to Dashboard applications, like graphs, charts and tables.
  • How to create a design and format for your Dashboard report that reflects what you want to achieve, and expresses it coherently.

The Excel Experts can help you to make the most of Excel Dashboards, automating your user systems, setting up a new Dashboard report, or training you and your team on the full range of applications for Excel Dashboards and how to use them.