Excel In Environmental Science

Excel In Environmental Science

Use Excel in your next Environmental Science project.

Excel contains a powerful library of functions that are of great use in Environmental Science. If needed, we can expand this library by writing code in VBA and dot NET. Saving development time, and hence costs. Solutions built in Excel can be cheaper and better.

Why is Microsoft Excel so popular in Science?

Excel is so powerful, most of us don’t use it to its potential.  Potential that could be WORKING FOR YOU. Improving your efficiency, saving you time and money!  With Excel, you can use Pivot tables, Data Models, Formulas and Functions. Then use Macros to push your productivity to the next level.

In Environmental Science, Excel is very good at mapping data. It can take huge data sets, analyse them in numerous ways, segment them and then plot them to high precision.  Changing coordinate systems is not a problem. Excel can plot and convert between OSGB, WGS84 and many other systems. The choice is yours.

Want to merge with another set of data? Not a problem. Excel is a market leader in its ability to connect to the widest variety of data sources. If your particular data set is available in native Excel, then it’s easy to purchase a connector that will. 

If you have a really complex problem, Excel can also access the algorithms created by NAG. If you haven’t heard of NAG, you should really look at their libraries of routines.  I started using their algorithms back in ’91 during my degree, I was blown away by them then. They’re still my #1 for amazing solutions in Excel.

Finally you can display and present your new results, in a stunning dashboard report.

Get a quote for using Excel in your Science project today. We’d be delighted to help you.

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