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Estate Agent Marketing Ideas To Increase Enquiries


5 Easy-To Implement Estate Agent Marketing Ideas


With such a fast-moving housing market it’s important to have multiple estate agent marketing ideas written down and ready to go. Relying on one channel or lead source is risky and you could be losing out on business to competitors. Here are 5 easy-to-implement estate agent marketing ideas you can use to boost your business and grow your customer base.


1. Maximise The Power of Video Marketing


According to Wyzol, 84% of marketers say video has helped them generate leads. From property walk-throughs to meet the team intro’s, videos are already the number one content format on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

The great news is that video content isn’t as expensive to produce as you might think. Most of the latest phone models have more than enough camera power and pixels to produce high-quality videos and there are plenty of free video editing apps and software online.

Videos are a great way to give your potential customers a better insight into what you do and promote add on services such as property management.


2. Keep Your Blog Up To Date


A blog is the best way to keep potential customers and buyers up to date with what’s happening with your industry and your business news. Creating valuable resources such as buying guides, FAQ’s and other posts that educate your customers will keep them returning to your website.

Uploading blog posts also create content for you to use for social media posts. Re-purposing blog content is the best way to maximise the returns from your efforts. For example, a blog post could be turned into an infographic, a video or an Instagram carousel with the key takeaways.


3. Create Downloadable Resources


Not everyone that comes to your website will be ready to use your services. In fact, most will just be in research mode. Adding downloadable content to your website will help you to collect email addresses and keep in touch with those not yet ready to engage.

Asking potential customers for an email address in exchange for a download like ‘5 Tips For First Time Buyers’ will help you keep in touch until they are ready to use your services.


4. Send Out Monthly Newsletters


Another fantastic way to promote and re-purpose content is to use it in email newsletters. This is a great way to get more views on your blog post and reach the people that may not have seen your social media posts or visited your website in a while.

Newsletters are also a great opportunity to include new listings and updates with buyers that you may not have heard from in a while. The important thing to remember here is not to be too salesy. You want to make sure that your subscribers actually read your emails and don’t delete it as soon as it arrives in their inbox.


5. Write Guest Posts On Local Websites


Does your estate agents specialise in a particular area? Do you have a member of the team that would love the share their knowledge? Writing a ‘guest post’ is a great way to reach new audiences and generate links back to your website.

The easiest way to get started is to find local businesses that offer complementary services to your own. Once you have a list of 10-15 businesses come up with some ideas that would be of benefit to your customers and theirs. Reach out to them with a blog post title and see what they say. You could also do some joint social media promotion to really maximise your reach.

You could team up with a cleaning company to write a post about post-tenancy cleaning tips, for example.


Bonus Tip: Be Efficient & Organised


It goes without saying that estate agents are busy people usually juggling multiple viewings and booking requests every day! This can mean the promotion of your business is neglected or drops to the bottom of the priority list.

To get some of your time back we recommend doing a review of your internal processes and software to see if there are any ways you can free up more time to regularly do marketing activity that generates property leads.

From our work with estate agents, we know that the management and reporting side of an estate agents job can be time-consuming. A very simple way to minimise your time spent on this and deliver better insights for your clients on their investments is with a property management spreadsheet.

We recently created a time-saving Excel spreadsheet for a local estate agent which you can read all about in our property management spreadsheet case study.


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