Every silver lining has a cloud

I would like to share a post that my friend wrote on Facebook yesterday. It so captures what I feel is also true. I hope you agree. Over to you Paloma x

I have been quietly connecting with the energies of this massive moment and many teachings are coming through.

I wasn’t sure if sharing my reflections publicly as I can feel there is an overload at the moment of people wanting to share information which I think is not helping much but something is really calling me to send my message across.

I see this as a “Blessing in Disguise”, even right now no many people can’t see it. The majority of the population of the planet are being called to go on a “collective retreat” and if you think about it it is actually AMAZING!!!

People are being forced to be away from the distractions of their daily life and that is going to make them to reflect quite deeply about their lives and the things they are happy about and the ones they are not. All of this is going to bring a massive collective healing and wake up moment.

Let’s say we have been asked to got into re-set mode, and the upgrading is inevitable.

Understandably, some people are going into fear and it doesn’t help to tell them to do not go into fear, that has never worked, in fact that will bring even more fear and more separation. The call here is to bring kindness and compassion into our lives and to see with love the ones that are going into fear. So we start to practice what we call the oneness as we can come closer to help each other.

It is not either about holding the space for others but about holding our own space, making sure it is strong enough (physically, emotionally, mentally and energetically) so hopefully will be like an inspiration for others or the spark that others may need to make the shift needed to move from fear into trust and love.

It is about walking the path we talk with humbleness and love.

It doesn’t help either to blame others external forces like government, politics, capitalism, pharmaceutic companies, we know well from where this is coming from and that is not the point now. Blaming others brings again more separation and we need exactly the opposite. Remember also that blaming is another type of fear (and when you blame you do not face).

Let’s also remember that everything that shows up into our world/reality it is just a reflection of ourselves and even you may find difficult to understand this, we asked for this (even it was at a very unconscious level), because this is helping us to Wake up.

This virus is our teacher right now and is calling us for action in mastering ourselves. So as soon we can connect with the teachings that is bringing us the quicker we will be able to transcend it.

So, the invitation is to connect with what is coming up for you right now, it is simple, as always – what is in your life that is TOXIC ?

It seems like we are being asked to do a BIG Spring Clean in our homes, the physical ones and the ones that are inside us, time to check in our thoughts, actions, food, habits, patterns, relationship, friends, jobs……EVERYTHING and start to take action to let go of anything that is not serving us anymore.

I actually feel very excited about all of this.

Let’s enjoy the ride!

Much love,

Our house is on fire…