Excel Add-In Features & Functions

Are you ready to discover the true power of Microsoft Excel? We’ve created a unique Excel Add-In to streamline your workflow, capture errors and use Excel to its full potential.

Below you’ll see a list of the key features that appear in the Excel menu, once you’ve downloaded and installed our add-in. Included in our download is a full list of instructions, features and functions.


TEE Sum MatrixSelect a range of cells that you wish to total along the bottom and down the right-hand side. Click on this button, and all the totals will be added.

TEE Highlight Cells With Formulas – Select a range of cells and click on this button. Any cells containing a formula will show a yellow background colour.

TEE Sort Tabs Alphabetically – Clicking this button will sort all the tabs into alphabetical order.

TEE Add Formulas To Comments – Select a range of cells, and then click this button. Any cell with a formula will now have a comment containing the formula. If there is already a comment in a cell, the formula will be concatenated with the existing comment.

TEE Hilight Wrong Spellings – Click on this button and all wrong spellings in the entire workbook will have a yellow background.


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