7 Ways An Excel Consultant Will Improve Business Performance

Microsoft Excel Consultants are the best people to turn to when you have a spreadsheet problem in your business. An old or broken spreadsheet can cause significant issues across multiple business functions from finance to eCommerce. Ensuring you’ve got an expert on hand to help get you up and running again as quickly as possible is essential. 

Excel specialists don’t just fix broken sheets; they help you streamline existing processes using automation, integrate systems using developer skills, and visualise data like sales and customer information in easy to read and use reports. 

If your business is using Exel or other spreadsheet software, keep in mind these seven tasks that an excel specialist can help you with if you don’t have the skills or staff to do it internally. 


Creating Awesome Dashboards

Given Excel is numbers based software, it’s the perfect solution for bringing together your key metrics such as sales, customers, quotes, website visits and more. Visualising this critical business data in the form of graphs and charts is essential for two reasons. 

  1. It helps you to show complex figures in a digestible format which is particularly useful for presentations and reports 
  2. Visualising data will help you to tell a story and gather insights such as why sales improved in one month vs another 

Dashboards aren’t new, and neither is using Excel to create them. So, if your role involves reporting on key figures within the business, get in touch today. We’ll help you transform your reporting and storytelling by visualising your data in an Excel Dashboard


Sorting & Cleaning Data 

Most businesses collect customer data, from a simple name and email to complex information about previous purchases, lifetime value and length of custom. For eCommerce in particular, this information can add up to 100,000’s of rows of data that need to be stored and maintained correctly, so it can actually be used in the business. 

Excel is still a very popular tool for storing and reviewing this type of data. Even companies with specific CRM systems will most likely export data to Excel, where it’s easier to work with. One of the common errors companies make is not having a good template in place from the beginning. 

That’s something we help with here at the Excel Experts. If you’re looking at a spreadsheet with a huge amount of data and don’t know where to begin, give us a call! One of our experts can help you create a solution to solve your data cleaning problems.  


Automating Internal Processes 

Every business has monotonous tasks that are usually a time-suck for employees. For example, transferring data from one system to another or manually updating sales figures and reports. 

With Excel automation, you can make that a thing of the past. Using VBA in Excel, we’ve built some incredible systems and workflows that have saved customers hours and enabled staff to focus on high-value tasks.

The capabilities for Exel automation are fairly broad, so even the most complex tasks shouldn’t be ignored when it comes to deciding if automation is right for your business.  


Quotation Tools 

If you’re a business that tends to send out lots of quotes then getting an Excel Expert to create a bespoke quoting form for you will save your staff a lot of time and will help prevent manual errors. Automated quotation forms linked to your website or CRM are a great way to streamline your existing processes and reduce the admin burden on your sales teams. 

If you are not quite ready to go, ‘full automation’ quotation forms can also be created with drop-down boxes so that only specific values can be selected. Again, this is a great way to reduce errors and save your team time by not having to type out each quote manually. 

To take this one step further, you could link your quotation forms to an invoice and order tracking spreadsheet, giving you a complete view of your sales process from quote to order to payment.   


Reporting On Sales Using Excel  

Sales are essential for every business, and you need to have a place where you can regularly see and review your sales performance. A sales reporting spreadsheet will do just this, but it won’t be the same for all businesses. 

Depending on what you want an Excel sales report to show, you’ll most likely need a bespoke spreadsheet designed by a pro so that all of the data is displaying correctly and being pulled from the right sources. If you plan to update it manually, it might be something you can do yourself. 

You could make a sales reporting spreadsheet part of existing automation, as we spoke about earlier. Additionally, you could use Excels dev capabilities to connect a sales spreadsheet to your website or order management system so that it pulls data regularly, saving you the hassle of having to go through multiple log-ins just to get some basic sales stats.  

Take a look at the case study we wrote about the latest invoice and order tracking spreadsheet we created.  


Use Excel To Connect Software

Not many businesses know that Excel is one of the best pieces of middleware out of there. This means that Excel can be used very effectively to facilitate the transfer of data between systems that might not be possible with out-the-box software. 

Most businesses now have multiple pieces of software, whether that’s retail and eCommerce software, accounting software, CRM, stock management, HR software and more. This means that functions can be siloed, data sharing within the business becomes highly compromised and sometimes data can even be lost. 

The solution is using Excel as middleware between the systems you want to connect. To do this, you’ll need someone with dev skills, which luckily our Excel Experts have! This allows the easy flow of data throughout the business, which leads to better, data-driven decision making.    


Accounting Spreadsheets

If you’re unsure about spending money on accounting software for your business, then fear not; Excel is a programme more than capable of handling accounting tasks. Most accounts will use Excel anyway alongside more specialist accounting software like Sage. 

The other benefit of using Excel for your accounts is that it makes it easier for your accountant to work with. Most of the time, they may import your sheets into their software, saving them time (and you money) on your accounting fees. A win-win!   


The Excel Experts Are Here To Help!

We love working with Excel because it’s such a powerful tool. If you’ve seen anything in our list that’s caught your eye please do
get in touch for more information and we’ll be happy to help.

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