3 Great Excel Database Features


3 Great Excel Database Features

Excel Databases are a powerful tool. In many cases, they power a whole business or business process. Thanks to the ease of use and efficiency of Excel it’s perfect for creating small databases. That being said there is a strong argument for not using a spreadsheet vs database which is specifically designed for the job.

However, in the brief post, we’ll look at 3 Excel database features and benefits if you plan to use this software to store and analyse your business data.

1.Flexibility and power

 A modern version of Excel can handle a VERY LARGE amount of data. The limitations on the size of the Excel Database, which has been an issue in the past, is hardly an issue now.

Where you will see the advantage over other databases, is in the flexibility and power it offers. 

2.Connecting to your data sources

After the database has been built, you will need to import your data. Connecting Excel databases to all forms of databases is easy.

Your new database can connect to MS Access, MS SQL, Oracle and many many other data sources, no problem. Whether on your PC, on file servers, in the Cloud, or on enterprise-scale database servers.

The main reason for either originating or importing your database into Excel is this: 
Once it is in Excel you have massive freedom to manipulate it in whatever way you want using VBA Macros and other power tools. No normal database is this flexible.

With Excel, you have every possible tool to help you get what you want, and what you need quickly and efficiently. Whether it is a record, a report, a chart, a graph, a pivot table or whatever, all your options are open.

3.Pivot tables, queries, charts and responsive dashboards

All the analytical power of Excel is now available to you. Try and match THAT in any other database.

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