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After graduating In Physics and an MSc in Manufacturing and Management Information Systems I spent many years working in data processing/analysis and managing technical teams across the private and public sector.

Eventually I went freelance as an Excel consultant and started my own Excel Consultancy Agency… this one.

The best thing about running, an Excel Agency, is the very real contributions we make, to our clients lives. We often save people hours of drudgery and repetition on a DAILY basis. That MUST be increasing their well-being.
I wanted to offer a friendly and enthusiastic face for Excel.
I hope I am succeeding.

Marion M

Senior Excel Consultant

As a developer, analyst, IT project manager and consultant working for software houses and technical consultancies, I have more than 25 years’ experience helping businesses both large and small across a range of industries, from plant hire and construction through telecoms and scientific instrumentation to the retail finance sector. I have worked with Excel extensively throughout those years with particular skills in VBA as a result of my professional developer background. I have a PhD in Applied Physics, and my scientific training means that I have a very analytical and thorough approach.

I have worked with Excel on both Windows and MacOS, and have used VBA to connect to databases, URLs, and process JSON and XML. I also develop in VBA for both Access and Word and have experience of SQL databases.


Excel Databases

I have more than 20 years of experience in IT Development, mostly in the field of SQL Databases, Excel RAD Development, Analysis and small Project Management.

I have worked with many major clients, including JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank, RBS, Schroeders, and Fidelity, as well as with smaller clients outside the City.


Microsoft Office Certified trainer

Gina is a qualified CIMA accountant who worked for over a decade in the Finance department of a US Investment Bank before becoming an Excel Consultant and Microsoft Office Trainer.

Gina loves ‘fixing spreadsheets’ and making people’s working life more efficient, whether it be through using formulas in Excel, rules in Outlook, styles and headings in Word or grouping and alignment in PowerPoint.

Andy S

Senior Excel Consultant

I am a reservoir engineer with over 30 years of oil industry experience in senior technical and leadership roles, including ten years overseas in Norway and the Middle East. Throughout my career I have had a passion for business modelling (economic and technical) with Excel, and was recognised as a company expert in this area. I have highly developed spreadsheet modelling and VBA programming skills.

In addition to specialist oil industry petroleum engineering skills my business experience includes (1) economic analysis & investment appraisal e.g. concepts such as real/nominal, cash flow, discounting, NPV, EMV, IRR, PI, breakeven, (2) Value of Information, (3) Bayesian inference, (4) decision & risk analysis e.g. decision trees, quantification of uncertainty, probabilistic results, expected value, (5) uncertainty analysis workflows e.g. problem framing, influence diagrams, tornado plots, probabilistic analysis, cumulative probability and (5) Monte Carlo analysis.



I have a first class degree in accounting and finance and am a fully qualified accountant, being a member of the ACCA.
I set up my own accountancy firm back in 2016 after having my first child.
I have experience of working with varying business sizes and industries and aim to work closely with small and medium sized businesses throughout the UK, helping them to grow, minimising tax liabilities and keeping on top of their compliance.


Mark F.

Senior Excel Consultant

An enthusiastic and analytical person with over 10 years Software Development and MI reporting experience using a variety of development tools.
▪ Advanced MS SQL Server ▪ Advanced VBA ▪ Advanced MS Excel ▪ Advanced MS Access
▪ Advanced C# ▪ SQL Report Builder ▪ BDX / Dataswitch ▪ Business Objects
▪ MS Visio ▪ MS Project ▪ Various core UW Systems

Ruhul Amin

Web Application Developer

Hi I am an expert web designer and programmer. Programming and web designing is my passion and I love to play around with this all day if i can. Over the past 8 years I have developed many website using PHP, MySQl, Javascript, HTML, CSS, XML, Ajax, jQuery, WordPress related technology. I have developed many premium WordPress Themes and plugins. Some of my premium plugin are on sell on codecanyon. I’m also very experienced with custom php CMS frameworks and I developed my own php MVC framework which can be used for complex php application.

Polly K


I am a professional copywriter and marketing consultant specialising in SEO-friendly content for all applications. After studying Marketing (BA Hons) at university back in the early noughties, I honed my skills by spending three years working in-house for an award-winning digital marketing agency in London.
I branched out on my own under the banner of Polly Kay Copywriting and Content Writing in 2012, and work alongside of Ben and the team to help The Excel Experts to get all of their marketing collateral on point.


Accountant & Excel Developer

I have been working with Excel since 1999 and have developed various Excel models and tools for the companies for which I have worked. These include annual trading budget templates for a well-known UK supermarket group, and creating a Fixed Asset reporting model for a large London-based housing association (gross assets of £1.5bn).


Excel Customer Service Manager

Excel Developer (Web Based, Logic Tree & User Front End Apps. Also, large library of work for product-based businesses.) My strength is my understanding based on experience and my ability to break down problems into their component solutions.

My background is in managing all aspects of business (Ordering, Marketing, Logistics etc) at all levels (Retail, Wholesale and Manufacture). I first progressed into small business IT before specializing as an Excel Developer.

Excel Development is about providing the best possible value to the client. Often best done by completing a project in stages that can be reviewed before moving on. To do this
I have developed my own set of tools. This gives greater control to the client and cuts down on development time.


Senior Excel Consultant

I am here primarily as a VBA programmer. My background is in Active Server Page development and writing COM objects and ActiveX controls in Delphi, mainly for use in ASP or Visual Basic. I have been trading as a software company since 2001 selling a successful range of COM and ActiveX controls. I am relatively new to VBA but my solid programming experience and knowledge of VBScript and the related objects, such as ADO has proved valuable.

I take a pride in being able to write bespoke code quickly that can run efficiently. I am prepared to research more complex solutions, if required, and can make use of Windows API calls to add functionality to Office applications. I am not limited to simply adding basic automation to Excel. I do also have a good understanding of the Outlook and Word object models, which are often overlooked by Excel developers.


Senior Excel Consultant

Innovative. Industrious. Talented. Multidiscipline Engineer with a proven track record in learning new skills since graduating with a Mechanical Engineering degree in 2014. A communicative, encouraging team player who presents ideas effectively and enjoys assisting others in their technical issues. Skilled at identifying problems and opportunities, then adapting quickly i.e. to meeting a new market or solving a computer bug. Quickly surpassed expectations in design as well as in end-to-end project management.

KEY Experience

Mcarussell ltd
Freelance engineer working on a multitude of projects many in the VBA/VB/ .net area.
• Extensive use of API’s to connect office application to external data.
• Building advanced SQL queries to fetch data for dashboard/ pivot table construction to allow for effective data analysis.
• Building advanced excel modelling.
• Advance VBA programming Woking on projects building toolbars from the VBA manger.
• JSON reading & parsing in VBA environment for posting back to API’s.
• HTML building in VBA environment.
• Extensive report writing and word template experience,
• Heavy use of Excel pivot tables and Microsoft BI.


Senior Excel Consultant

Talented and versatile Data and Insights Analyst who has gained valuable experience through placements at some of the most prestigious companies in the world of Finance, Business and Information Technology.
Excels in programming skills in order to create many solutions to efficiently produce various reports in a timely manner. Ability to analyse large sets of data to assist in business strategy and insights. Exposure in managing and leading a service management team and becoming the focal point of all requirements for KPI reports.


Senior Power BI Consultant

Power BI is an amazing tool that can help you and your business to succeed. I have been working as Power BI Consultant for the past 4 years and I am constantly learning about the new updates. With my help you will be able to understand the data, generate powerful and useful insights and automate the process so you don’t need to do anything, just take a glance and decide which way to go.

Taking decisions is one of the most important actions running a business, you shouldn’t be doing that based on a hunch but on real data. Let’s start now!

Mubasher R

Web & Design

I am a Web/Graphics/SEO/SMO expert with clients located the over all world and have completed 2200+ projects.
Also have skills in Logo design, Responsive media queries, SquareSpace, eCommerce website and PHP database development.

Emily. W

Senior Excel Consultant

Since 2015 I’ve loved using my skills to support people in using Excel more effectively to reach their goals and to provide clear business insights and tools for all kinds of businesses, from pubs to earthen construction charities to juice-makers – mostly on Windows but also MacOS.

Before that I gained 12 years’ experience of insight analysis in corporate placements, creating Excel reporting including dashboards, countless pieces of one-off insight analysis, overcoming data hurdles, segmentation, complex data selections for marketing, and supporting other analysts.

In addition to Excel I’ve worked with MS Access databases, SQL and SAS coding, and predictive statistical modelling for marketing using a smartFocus suite.

Lloyd. L

Senior Excel Consultant

I have been working for the most part in the Financial services sector. Over the last 20 years or so I have developed Management Reporting extracting data from and building reports with table and graphs. I have also developed Dashboards and Tracked Key Performance Indicators. In developing I use a combination of Excel formulate and VBA to get the desired results.

Richard S.

Senior Excel Consultant

Author of Access 2010 VBA Macro Programming (ISBN 0071738576 published by McGraw-Hill)

Author of Excel 2007 VBA Macro Programming (ISBN 0071627006 published by McGraw-Hill) 

Author of Excel VBA Macro Programming (ISBN 0072231440 published by McGraw-Hill) 

Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants

Extensive experience of developing MI reporting systems / databases/ dashboards using VBA / RAD for major companies such as Santander, Nationwide Building Society, and Zurich Insurance

Expert on Microsoft Office, VBA, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server

Available for short / long term consultancy

Specialties: Customer facing designing and developing software applications from scratch. Using RAD techniques to develop to extremely tight timescales


Jules. A


Having spent 10 years working in local government whilst completing my law degree, I decided to venture into the private sector and worked for two leading law firms in Manchester before setting up my own business consultancy. Since then I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with clients on all sorts of legal and compliance requirements, including data protection, risk management and IT security.

Rob Allen-Turl

I began using Excel in 1993 in place of Lotus 1-2-3 when MS launched Version 5.

As a senior manager at a leading multinational, I spent the next decade creating and co-ordinating suites of dashboards and interactive spreadsheets that measured, monitored and reported on operations across some four hundred sites worldwide.

Setting up my own MS Office consultancy in 2005, working from home in the UK Midlands, I have provided a “Third Arm” to clients in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors around the world,

With features being added in every new version of Excel, I look forward to making even more use of my skills in VBA, formulae and formatting to enable you to solve problems or enhance your data management.

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Our client relationship is really important to us, we want to make you happy! At ‘The Excel Experts’ we strive to provide the best possible customer care and satisfaction and will only invoice once our clients are 100% satisfied with the services. We will also provide after-sales service and support for as long as it is needed. We promise to always respond to any questions or queries you have within 24 hours.


We will do everything we can to limit our carbon footprint. This means using video conferencing whenever possible to reduce the need for cars, to save CO2 emissions. We also use environmentally-friendly computers and laptops.

Local Economy

We will always aim to work with local businesses as much as possible and actively promote our services to local businesses. In ICT services it can become ‘faceless’ and we want our clients to be able to see us, in person and preferably somewhere we can both get to by foot.We enjoy using local cafes and venues to have our meetings. We are proud to live in Frome and we want to continue supporting this thriving, independent and local economy.