Excel Development Portfolio #1.

Excel Development portfolio #1.

A short list of some of the Excel solutions we have crafted.  Is your problem here?


Property Portfolio Management Spreadsheet

We built the Property Portfolio Workbook for an estate agency that wanted to keep track of their clients portfolios of property investments. more

Stocks and Shares performance monitor

The client wanted a spreadsheet she that would help him track his shares portfolio.

Using vba, excel can be made to download the latest stock indices from any online share dealing website.

Yahoo financials offer a wide range of financial indices, covering the areas of company details, trading data, historical performance, fundamental analysis and technical analysis.  Including Indices such as market capitalisation, last trade date, volume, 52 and week range & P/E ratio amongst others.



For this project our client requested share price, dividend dates, maximum and minimum daily change, yield and 52 week maximum and minimum.

Totals such as portfolio value are calculated automatically by the spreadsheet

This project saves our client lots of time every day because he does not now need to open a navigate between various websites to collate his daily shares information.


Order Tracking and Invoicing Spreadsheet

We built the Order tracking and Invoicing system for a film processing agency that wanted to keep track of their clients orders as they passed through their factory. more

Stock Control Spreadsheet

Daily work orders updated automatically in Excel

Drawing data from one spreadsheet and inserting it into another spreadsheet is a very common and time consuming process in the business environment.  A process that can be speeded up considerably using vba to automate the process.  This is easier the more standard the structure of the data sets, but this does not have to be a limiting factor.  It simply makes coding a little more complicated.

In a recent example, the client had been receiving daily work orders from their client, and would then have to manually match the orders to the individual engineers in the company.  Excel is very good at matching, and had no problem doing this process automatically.  This project probably saves our clients over 2 hours a day.

Questionnaire Form and Decision Trees in Excel

  • Should you use Excel OR a database?
  • Can a spreadsheet also present elegant forms for the user to fill in, and then store the results?
  • Then can Excel then present the next set of questions dependent upon the previous answers?


We have been asked not to show any details of this interesting project.





Automating tasks with excel (1)

Cut and Fill

With Construction Twin we want to model the foundations  and the cut and fill process of a construction project.  Every square meter of the site

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