Excel for Business

Excel for Business

Five reasons why Excel is good for your business.

1. Microsoft Excel is so popular because it is so powerful and versatile.

Excel is so powerful that few businesses use it to its full potential, and many are not even aware of the full remit of what Excel can do!

Turn the potential of Excel into reality-improve your efficiency in Excel, and save time and money!

2. Save clicks and save time using Excel.

  • We process data, create reports and dashboards.
  • Create models and run simulations.
  • Create workbooks from scratch or alter existing ones.
  • We Inter-connect different software systems with Excel, passing data and functionality between different platforms.
  • We automate processes inside Excel using VBA and VB.net.

3. Analyse Data FAST

Excel is one of the most under-utilised software platforms on the planet.

Its potential is rarely, if ever, fully realised within any given context. Not using Excel to its full potential is like throwing money down the drain, whilst using Excel efficiently can save your business time and money.

4. Don’t buy a new system: It is likely that Excel can do it.

Thinking of investing in a new business tool to streamline your processes, increase productivity or optimise your bottom line? Stop!

With a little help, Excel can usually be tweaked to perform the functions you need seamlessly-and it isn’t going to disappear or become unsupported over the course of the next few years either, unlike many competing products. Working with Excel also saves time and money on training, because most of your staff will already use the platform!

If you need help with Excel or have any questions about Excel for business, just call or contact us.

The kinds of questions our customers ask us.

What about training on the new system you have built us?

Training requirements for new Excel functions and applications are usually minimal because you are still working with a familiar platform.

We supply full documentation with all our projects and offer comprehensive aftersales support, including being available to answer queries about the solution we built for you.

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With Construction Twin we want to model the foundations  and the cut and fill process of a construction project.  Every square meter of the site

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Need Help With Excel?

The Excel Experts are here to help with your Excel tasks big or small, including spreadsheet help, consulting, reporting, VBA, automation, and Power Bi. Let us help you take your Excel skills to the next level with our experience in delivering solutions.

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