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The Benefits Of Excel Group Training

Excel group training is an excellent way to improve productivity in the workplace. By participating in a group training session, employees can learn how to use Excel more effectively and efficiently.

This type of training can also help employees become more comfortable working with others in a team environment. In addition, group training can be a fun and social way for employees to learn new skills.

Why Choose Excel Group Training?

As businesses everywhere pivot to digital, Excel skills are going to be more and more important. The uses of this software go beyond simply logging data, and with challenging times on the way, there is no time to lose.

With group training, you can rest assured that all of your team members are on the same page, and that they are learning at the pace they are comfortable with. It makes the process collaborative, comfortable and fun.

excel group training

How To Choose The Right Excel Group Training

There are a lot of different Excel training providers out there, and that means that finding the right one for you is going to be very important. There are a few things that you should look for. 

Find a training provider that has the flexibility to cater to different needs and experience levels. You should also look for excellent reviews, plenty of evidence that their approach works, details of their courses, and transparency on pricing.

One-On-One Vs Group Training

There are specific benefits to both one-on-one and group training for Excel. One-on-one training is perfect for an individual looking to boost their own skills or to learn more about a specific function of Excel.

Excel group training is a better option for business owners and team leaders who want to know that everyone is going to be on the same page and reach the same level of skill and confidence with the software.

Types Of Excel Group Training

There are different types of Excel Group training, and they vary depending on the skill level your employees already have. You don’t want to waste time teaching them what they already know, but it is vital to understand the basic functions.

excel training for beginners

Excel For Beginners

Excel for beginners training would start with the absolute basics, essentially assuming that the students have never used this software before. It can also help to get rid of bad and time-consuming habits they may have picked up.

Training for beginners would teach the students how to use the basic functions of a spreadsheet and how to put one together. This will include drag and dropping, how to use the fill function, and how to format cells. 

Intermediate Excel Training

Intermediate Excel training will assume that the employees have a handle on the absolute basics of Excel and introduce them to some of the more complex functions of the software. 

These functions include creating graphs and charts from data, using functions to filter information on a spreadsheet, and the functions that will allow them to find and sort data quickly and effectively. 

Advanced Excel Group Courses

If your employees are already confident with the basic and intermediate functions of Excel, then an advanced course is a great choice. This will take them beyond the day-to-day functions and show them just what the software has to offer.

This course will teach them how to use Excel functions to create data simulations to predict patterns and project budgets. They will learn how to create their own Macros, which are specific command tools, and pivot tables.

Advanced Excel Group Courses

Pivot Tables

Creating tables is one of the most valuable skills that anyone learning about Excel can have, and it is vital for anyone who works in finance or statistics. 

A pivot table is essentially a way to sort, organise, count data. If you have a huge amount of data, a pivot table allows you to either analyse specific elements or to neatly summarise what you are dealing with. It is invaluable for presentations, for example.

Power Excel Group Courses

One of the reasons why Excel is so important to businesses is that it has the ability to perform advanced mathematical equations with a simple formula. The POWER function is one of the most commonly used.

Say that the number you are working with is the base. The power is the number to which the base number is raised to. For example, to get a result that is 25, the POWER function would be (5,2), which is five squared.

Who Are Excel Group Training Courses For?

Excel group training courses are perfect for any group of people that are looking to improve their skills. They can be for a team that is looking to learn the absolute basics, or for a team that needs to hone their skills.

Excel group training can also be used to ensure that a team of people has reached the same level of competency. Excel is used across a wide range of industries and sectors, so get in touch with us to find out how The Excel Experts can help!


How Can I Learn Excel Quickly?

The best way to learn Excel quickly is to book in a course. There are tutorials and videos online, but if you want to pick up the skills you need, a proper course will ensure that you progress and learn what you want to learn. 

How Many Hours Does It Take To Learn Excel?

It will depend on the skills that you are looking to learn. If you are starting from scratch, conventional wisdom says that it can take anywhere between two and twenty hours. However, with a guided course you will learn faster.

How Much Does Excel Training Cost?

The cost of Excel training will vary significantly depending on the specific course and the institution providing it. If you are looking for training, make sure that you are going with a well-reviewed school to get value for money.

Is It Worth Getting Excel Certified?

It is absolutely worth getting Excel certified. Excel is one of the key skills that most employers look for, and it is a crucial part of running any business smoothly. Getting Excel certified will give you essential tools to succeed.


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      Excel group training is an excellent way to improve productivity in the workplace. By participating in a group training session, employees can learn how to use Excel more effectively and efficiently.