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Excel Help

Although most office users know the basics when it comes to Microsoft Excel, the sheer number of features available can sometimes make the programme seem a little daunting. Whether you need help creating drop down lists, or support building the perfect pivot table, it’s not uncommon to require a little assistance. Online courses are a popular way to take your Excel skills to the next level, but they often lack an approach that’s specific to your business’ individual needs.

Additionally, when you encounter an error or problem, you’ll want a resolution as quickly as possible. With Excel help from The Excel Experts, you can expect solutions which are tailored to your own company, alongside ongoing training for both you and your workforce.

Assistance creating formulas

Excel is crammed with useful functions, which you can combine with mathematical commands, to build your own formulas. Having a strong understanding of building formulas will ensure you can use Excel to its full potential, such as creating unique spreadsheets that work for you. With Excel help from The Excel Experts, you’ll soon be proficient in creating reports and macros, to both automate repetitive tasks, and facilitate in-depth analysis.

Help with data conversions

Excel is the perfect tool for monitoring a number of different data types, such as company stocks or geographic data. It can also be used to convert data, such as changing time values from minutes to a decimal, or calculating percentages. All you need to get you off the ground is the knowledge of what commands to enter, and Excel will begin converting information into the view you require. At The Excel Experts, we have Excel specialists in a number of fields, so we can recommend the ideal consultant for your particular industry.

General Excel advice and support

We offer Excel help in a number of formats, from remote assistance via Skype or screen-sharing, to personal visits where required. With ongoing support, we can train you and your staff, starting from beginner, intermediate, or advanced starting points. Our experts will ensure your workforce is confident and able in a range of Excel features, including pivot tables, data management, and data sorting through V and H lookups.

Our nationwide service has received numerous glowing testimonials, so be sure to get in touch with us today, and discover the difference that Excel help can make.