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How To List MS Excel Skills On Your CV

Almost all office jobs now require basic levels of computer literacy because so much of our working lives are spent working on computers and in programmes like Excel. If you're job-hunting or working on your CV, adding Microsoft Excel skills to your CV can really make your application stand out.

Displaying excel skills on your resume immediately signals that you have knowledge and experience of Microsoft Excel - and skills in the wider Office suite can be invaluable. Where many candidates trip up, however, is how to list Excel and computer skills on their CV.

With so much information to include like qualifications, employment history, practical skills, a personal statement and relevant Excel training courses, knowing how to make your CV stand out by clearly showing and communicating your skills and experience can be a challenge.

Today we'll cover how to write about Microsoft Office Skills on your resume and some tips for making sure your CV secures that all-important interview.



Avoid These Common Miskates When Listing Excel Skills On CV


When adding computer skills to a CV many candidates will simply list ‘Microsoft Excel’ with no further details. As Microsoft Office programmes have a huge range of functions and features, this is both vague and unhelpful for an employer. It's a sure-fire way to get your CV added to the 'no' pile.

What you must do is display your own skill level, to distinguish yourself from other applicants. Some of the ways you can do this include:

  • Use the correct MS Excel terms  e.g. VBA, VLOOKUP, Workbook
  • Use examples to prove your experience
  • List your key strengths in the programme
  • Reference qualifications, courses and CPD you've undertaken
  • Update your online resume aka LinkedIn


Now we've got a basic idea of how to build a CV and include MS Excel skills let's go into some more detail about each of these points.


Demonstrate Knowledge Of Excel On Your CV


If you’re competent in Microsoft Excel, don’t just write the programme name on your CV. Prove your skill level by mentioning the features you’re familiar with.

A knowledge of Macros, Pivot Tables, Data Manipulation and VLOOKUPs is highly desirable by many employers, and displaying your awareness and familiarity with these functions is invaluable.

This can be applied to other Microsoft Office programmes too. If you have experience in PowerPoint, you can mention your knowledge of Slide Masters, SmartArt, Animations, and importing data into a presentation.

By including these details, you’re indicating from the outset that your knowledge is genuine, and letting an employer know exactly what you can do.



Provide Examples of Your Excel Skills


When applying for a job, listing your Excel skills on your CV is a great start. To really impress an employer, however, it’s best to provide examples of how you’ve used these skills in the past. This will not only back up your claims it will also give an indication that you know how to apply these skills effectively.

If you’re just starting out on the career ladder, don’t be afraid to list university experience. For example, if you created financial models as part of a research project, then be sure to mention them.

If you have experiences in the workplace, such as creating a sales report or analytics database, don’t leave this out. You can state this alongside your skills, as part of your employment history, or within your personal statement – just ensure that your valuable experiences aren’t hidden from view.


Be Truthful About Your Excel Knowledge


Whatever you write on your CV, the most important rule of all is not to lie.

Regularly, candidates list a desired skill on their CV under the assumption that if it’s required, they can learn it on-the-job, or at the last minute. However, if a job is advertised as requiring a certain skill - for example, an understanding of pivot tables - it’s not uncommon for a short test to be built into the interview process. If you list skills you don’t have, you’ll be wasting both the interviewer’s time and your own.


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Talk About Excel Training, Courses & Qualifications


If you have been learning to use Excel or have specific MS Excel qualifications from Excel training courses these will really make your CV just off the table! Accredited training courses show that you have a proven skill level within Excel, and most Excel training courses have a beginner, intermediate and advanced level.

Having certified Excel skills can, on average, increase earning potential by 12%.

Even if you haven't been on accredited courses showing that you've done learning off your own back, using free courses, watching webinars and attending events is another great signal to an employer that you're serious about building a career with Excel.


Update Your LinkedIn Profile To Showcase Your Skills


LinkedIn is a fantastic network for job hunters because there are millions of recruiters that use the network every day to find candidates for positions they're trying to fill. Having an up to date and compelling LinkedIn profile will help your chances of being discovered.

Using LinkedIn to follow hashtags, industry figures and companies you want to work for it a great way to build you knowledge in your field, network with new people and come across an opportunity you may not otherwise have discovered.



Boost Your Chances By Listing Excel Skills On Your CV


When job hunting, it can be daunting to constantly see lists of desired skills that you may not yet possess. There’s no need to worry, however, as help is at hand.

Here at The Excel Experts, we don’t just provide business excel consultancy, we also offer training across the entire Microsoft Office suite.

We can deliver introductory, basic or advanced levels of Microsoft Excel training, via online courses, remote assistance, one-to-one training, or group sessions.

We can help you work towards an Office qualification, alongside giving valuable experience, which will be invaluable to your CV. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team, today.



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