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Do you need help from Excel programmers to automate manual operations, create data visualisations or write macros for your Excel workbook?

Our team of Excel VBA developers has extensive Excel programming experience and can help you develop user-friendly Excel solutions that save your business time and money.

Excel VBA Programming Language

Microsoft Excel provides several built-in formulas to automate repetitive tasks like consolidating data and creating reports and charts. But the real power of using Excel lies in its ability to develop customised solutions using its powerful programming language Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).

Excel VBA is based on Visual Basic (VB), which can be used to create macros, forms and customised dialogue boxes. It provides the ability to automate repetitive tasks without using manual operations. You can also control Excel from other applications or get it to communicate with other software tools.

In summary, Excel VBA is a flexible coding language that enables Excel programmers to build user-friendly business solutions quickly and easily using the visual basic editor.


Professional Microsoft Excel VBA Services

We’ve gained our excel programming experience by working on a range of projects across the Microsoft Office suite of products and can match the perfect Excel VBA developer to the needs of your project.

Our team of VBA consultants are based in the UK and are ready to help with your Excel programming queries and solutions. Some of the Excel VBA and programming services we offer at The Excel Experts include:

Creating Custom Dashboards

Using an Excel Spreadsheet to create custom Excel dashboards is one simple way we can use Excel VBA to streamline your business and highlight the key metrics you need to make data-driven decisions. You can also share these dashboards with multiple Excel users, so your team are all working from the same stats and figures.

Visualisation & Data Analysis

Microsoft Excel is an excellent tool for data visualisation, so too is Power BI. We work with both platforms to transform your data into simple and insightful data visualisations that can be shared with your organisation through the cloud or by using Power BI mobile apps. Visualising data can be used to unlock hidden insights, which we cover in more detail in our Power BI vs Excel post.

Excel Automation

The visual basic editor functionality in Excel makes it perfect for writing Excel Macros which means we can create Excel automations for tasks including data entry, report generation, and other time-consuming tasks. Our Excel VBA developer team have written hundreds of automations and will help you create an Excel VBA programme for your business that saves time and money.

Cleaning & Sorting Data

If you’ve got a custom Excel spreadsheet with millions of rows of data, we can use Excel’s programming language and visual basic editor to write code and implement smart data cleaning and filtering automation that makes managing data easier and less time-consuming. By applying the VBA to multiple cells, we can execute code that quickly sorts data without the need for complex software development.

Excel Forms & User Interfaces

Excel has the ability to create custom forms, so why not get our Visual Basic wizards to help you quickly create easy-to-use user interfaces for your business. They can even create data entry forms that link directly to your spreadsheets using Excel VBA macros.

Types of Excel projects suited to using Excel forms and may require a bespoke user interface include data entry, record keeping and invoice forms.

Linking Microsoft Excel With Other Software

Another great benefit of using VBA in Excel is that it can connect Excel with other software programmes. We can use VBA to connect Excel with (for example) Excel databases, MS Access, an SQL server, similar database software, websites like Magento and other apps in Microsoft Office, enabling you to publish your workbooks online quickly.

Not only does this make the transfer of data between core systems faster, but it can also help to eliminate data errors as there is less opportunity for human error in the process.

Updating Old VBA’s & Excel Programming

As well as writing new code, an Excel VBA developer can help you or your team update old code that a previous developer might have created.

It’s not uncommon to edit Excel spreadsheets and old excel formula language as your business scales or introduces new processes, and an Excel VBA developer will be able to help you update and refresh these old sheets and Excel automations.

Similarly, if you’re using other programs in the Microsoft Office suite, we can help you connect or disconnect Microsoft Excel from these systems using the visual basic editor.

If you’re looking for help with any of these services or want to find out how our team of Excel programmers and developers can improve the efficiency of your business processes, then do get in touch with us at The Excel Experts today.


Cost Of Hiring Excel Programmers

The cost to hire an Excel VBA developer and Excel programmers will depend on their level of experience and the types of Excel VBA solutions they have worked on previously. VBA developer pricing also depends on the complexity of the work involved.

Writing a simple Excel macro isn’t as involved as creating complete spreadsheet automation, which is why we always encourage clients to book a free no-obligation call to get a better idea of what you’re looking to achieve so we can provide an accurate quote.

Microsoft Excel VBA & Consulting Services

Excel VBA is a fantastic programming language. While visual basic applications are incredibly useful, we have a range of Excel skills and can help you write macros, create pivot tables, update and fix excel formulas, and provide Microsoft Excel training.

As well as these services you can find out more about The Excel Experts and what we do by visiting our Excel Consultancy Services page. Here you will also find details about the types of Excel services we offer for businesses across the UK and in our local area around Bristol & Frome.


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With offices in Bristol, Somerset, and London we can help businesses across the UK with in-person and video/phone support.

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