How working with an Excel specialist can boost your business

If you run a business, chances are you use Microsoft Excel in some capacity. Although most Excel users are able to draft adequate spreadsheets and make use of the platform’s key functions, there are more features and capabilities to the software than most people are aware of.

Microsoft Excel is an incredibly versatile and powerful tool when used to its full potential. There are multiple online courses devoted to improving your Excel skills, but these are usually presented in a generic capacity, and not tailored to meet your individual business needs.

By hiring an Excel consultant to oversee your Office systems, you’ll enjoy many more benefits than a simple course. Below, we take a look at just a few.

Business Integration

One of the most valuable benefits of hiring an Excel consultant is that they’re able to tailor their advice to meet you specific requirements. Whether you’re looking to create dedicated reports and graphs to track data, or program efficient macros to ease your workload, a consultant can make recommendations based on your unique operation. Chances are, you may also have an existing spreadsheet setup which you’d like optimising, or data-flows from other systems which you’d like to channel through Excel. In these cases, your consultant can offer a range of solutions based on your existing system – something you’d struggle to find through an online course. While a course may offer a set of steps and instructions, having a consultant present means you’ll get assistance and feedback along the way, as well as the guarantee that a process will be implemented correctly and without error.

Personal Service

With an Excel consultant, you and your workforce will have a wealth of Excel experience at your disposal. Consultants are usually able to assist remotely through Skype conference calls, or face-to-face via workplace visits. Whichever option is most convenient to you, you’ll receive more than just the implementation of new systems. Excel consultants also offer advice on best practices going forwards, as well as training both you and your workforce in how to use Excel to its full potential. They can answer any questions you may have, and clearly explain concepts or processes that may be initially confusing. This means that as time goes by, you’ll become more adept at creating formulas, analysing raw data, and setting up automations that will save you time and effort in the long run. From standard spreadsheets, to dynamic reports and the infamous Pivot Table, your workforce will soon be Excel experts too.

Ongoing Recommendations

When you hire an Excel consultant, you’ll have an expert at your disposal who can continue to assist as your business changes, progresses and develops. While an online course may teach you the basics in the short-term, a consultant is a much more practical solution for long-term improvements. Your business is likely to evolve, as are best practices, and an ongoing-consultancy can make sure your business systems adapt as times change.

If you’re looking to grow your business with the help of an Excel Consultant, we offer experts in numerous fields such as retail, accountancy, and scientific research, here at The Excel Experts. Offering personal visits or remote assistance, we’re ready to help improve your dataflow and automate your workload so that your employees can spend their time doing what they do best. For a free quote, and to discuss your requirements, contact us today.

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