Remote Excel Assistance

Whether you’re working on simple data flows or complex dashboards, unexpected difficulties are frustrating to your workforce, and can cost both time and money if not dealt with quickly.

Acknowledging that a workplace thrives on efficiency and time management, our excel support ensures that any problems are resolved in a timely manner, and aims to minimise the impact on your processes.

Save Time & Money

Here at The Excel Experts we have specialists in every aspect of Excel, who can offer remote assistance at the times you need it most. Whether your macros are misbehaving or your pivot tables are playing up, we can offer specialist help in such fields as accountancy, scientific research, or just general office processes.

Rather than awaiting a call out, our remote assistance can offer swift a resolution to time-sensitive issues. You can talk through an issue with our experts via phone or Skype, or enable our screen-sharing service for a specialists to watch your display, and advise as your work. Alternatively, you can allow an expert take control of your system remotely to fix the issue first-hand.

The Excel Experts

As well as helping resolve issues, our specialists can also offer training and consultancy in a remote capacity. This can be provided in a one-on-one or group tutorial, either via conference call or Skype. With our unique brand of help and coaching, we can help you and your staff get to know Excel better, and use the tool in ways you may not have previously thought possible.

Providing help and assistance to businesses nationwide, we’ve received numerous glowing endorsements over the years, which are testament to the service we provide. From remote training and guidance, to quick turnarounds with problem solving, we offer professional results at competitive prices. To see for yourself, please contact us today to discuss your requirements, obtain a free quote, and see how we can help your business.