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Excel’s functions and formulas enable it to take a step or two forward, but it takes VBA to make Excel walk, then run. As we talk to each other in English, developers talk to Excel using VBA. By talking to Excel in VBA a developer brings your project to life.

And it’s not just Excel, any other programs that support VBA can be made to talk to each other. This includes the entire MS Office suite, Internet Explorer and others like Sage Accounts and even the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite. At the highest level using VBA can automate Excel’s connectivity and work with any data source talking to it in its own language. If VBA is massive, VBA is vast, and if it has any limits then it is normally us as people and the limits of our understanding and experience.

VBA enables continuous chains of tasks to be automated in accordance with a series of logical arguments and instructions provided by the clients. This is what is referred to as a ‘Logic Tree’ and results in an App bespoke to our client’s requirements.

Visitors to this website come from a variety of different backgrounds with a variety of different problems. While the rest of this site tries to deal with the problems, VBA as detailed on this page is what makes all the solutions run.

So, one of the answers to the much-asked question ‘what can Excel do for me?’ is ‘what can you imagine it doing’.

Some Common Questions Our Customers Ask About VBA for Excel:

Is VBA the same thing as a Macro?

Essentially yes.  Macros in Excel are written in VBA. VBA is a language, its short for Visual Basic For Applications

What can’t VBA do then?

If Excel can do it, then VBA can do it.

The idea is, that we can press buttons and stuff in Excel – but those button presses can actually be recorded and played back.

Recording and playing back something takes much less time…

I want something really complicated – can you help me?

Almost certainly. It’s a very rare occasion that we can’t make someone’s life easier…

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With Construction Twin we want to model the foundations  and the cut and fill process of a construction project.  Every square meter of the site

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