Workflows Using Excel

Developing an Excel based workflow tool will streamline your processes and eliminate cumbersome manual tasks from many of your day to day business tasks.

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Get Connected

  • Connect your website to a spreadsheet to monitor sales or registrations and produce email notifications as thresholds are reached.
  • Hook your spreadsheet up to SAGE or another accounting program to notify users in other teams when a payment is made or an invoice is issued.
  • Track your leads through a sales process, flagging problems in the sales funnel or prompting users to make a call to nudge a sale through to completion.
  • Connect your spreadsheet to a barcode scanner to process your goods in or track documents as they move around your organisation.

Unite Your Business Using Excel

Middleware to connect systems and standalone workflow tools are available all across the internet, but using Excel to integrate your existing systems and processes makes use of software familiar to your users and without the need to purchase additional products. The power of Excel lies in it’s programmability which we can help you harness with our team of experienced business analysts and Excel developers.

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Maximum Efficiency At Minimum Cost

By integrating an Excel workflow solution into your business you can increase visibility of pertinent data within your organisation, reduce the opportunity for error, save on staff costs by ensuring appropriate resource is targeted at each stage of a process, and importantly, make the most of the investment you have already made in Microsoft Office.

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