How an Agency can help businesses adapt to the new workplace.

The Excel Experts is a large team of people with collectively hundreds of years experience in working from home (WFH) solving problems in Excel and automating complicated procedures in Excel for clients. They love working with Excel and getting the best out of it for a client.

The Excel Experts can make a significant contribution to the new post Covid19 business world, and can help your business succeed in these challenging conditions.

The Covid19 pandemic has completely changed the way in which businesses work.  Many businesses are now allowing their employees to work from home for the foreseeable future in order to observe social distancing. Most businesses are now finding that they cannot social distance their employees with everyone present in the office.

The Excel Experts has a huge amount of experience in dealing with every Excel problem known and also doing this operating remotely (WFH).  The team of experts is very used to sorting out client requirements, making suggestions for improvements, and building a good working relationship without ever visiting the client’s premises.

Almost everyone uses Excel day-to-day for various tasks, but very few people realise the enormous potential that it has in saving time and making your life easier, and this is where The Excel Experts come in. Excel has its own programming language, and this can be used to develop automated systems cutting a task of several hours down to a few minutes, saving costs and freeing employees to deal with other tasks.

With the Excel Experts, you do not need to recruit a permanent ‘Excel Expert’ with all the associated overheads involved e.g. Employers National Insurance (13.8%) and pension contributions. The Excel Experts provides people instantly who are well versed in home working on Excel, and who will provide value for money from day one. 

Whether you want an Excel expert for a day or for a longer period, The Excel Experts can easily adapt to your requirements and offer flexibility. Think of it as Uber for Excel!

The Excel Experts offers significant discounts on day rates, and further discounts for extended periods. Using an Excel Expert would be far more economic than recruiting a permanent staff member.

If an Excel Expert goes sick, or is unavailable due to other reasons, another Excel Expert can seamlessly take over the project.  The Excel Experts work as a team and support one another.

One of the biggest fears of a business over allowing working from home has always been ‘how confidential is my data?’

The Excel Experts is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other data protection regulations.  The Excel Experts assures confidentiality of data and Excel spreadsheet material

The Excel Experts has years of experience in dealing with private data and material, and Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) with clients are perfectly acceptable.

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Need Help With Excel?

The Excel Experts are here to help with your Excel tasks big or small, including spreadsheet help, consulting, reporting, VBA, automation, and Power Bi. Let us help you take your Excel skills to the next level with our experience in delivering solutions.

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