How to install and use the phone App for Google Classroom to make it really easy to do.

Installing Google Classroom on your phone

Several parents have complained to me about using Google classroom especially the sequence required to photograph our childrens work and upload it to Classroom.. it can be a several step process.

Here is an easier way, use the phone app – it makes it all much easier 🙂 I’ve made a quick tutorial on how to install and use the app for this purpose. Hope it helps

Picture of Installing Google classroom app on your phone
Install Google classroom app on your phone

So first its a trip to Google Play Store and install the Google Classroom App

on to your phone.

Accessing the work that has been set by the teacher

Open the App and choose the class you want

Picture showing selection of the class on the Google Classroom app
choosing the class on the app

At the bottom of the screen you can see 3 icons in Google Classroom

Picture to illustrate Click on Classwork Icon at the bottom of the android phone sreen

Click on Classwork Icon at the bottom

Submitting work to Google Classroom

Grey means the work has been handed in and blue, still to be submitted

Picture showing selection of a particular assignment in Google Classroom

Lets see whats being set for Foundation on Monday click the icon

Picture of the assignment in Google classroom

And here is the list of all the attachments and video for the days class.

Click on Add attachment button, this is where you will submit a piece of paper that you’ve been working on

click take photo
Take the photo click OK

its done

At the bottom you can see the upload you just created. Your teacher can see what great kids you’ve been and you can add more documents.

submit assignment on Google classroom using the phone app and adding a personal message for the teacher

IF you want to add a comment or two about the submission you can write it here. Then press the ‘Hand In’ button.

Its DONE. Any comments please let me know

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