How to send a standard email on a regular basis

The school has asked us to send an absence email in every morning and People are asking how they can automate it.

DO NOT DO WHAT I DID AND ACCIDENTALLY SEND THEM AN EMAIL EVERY MINUTE! SORRY ADMIN 🙂 For testing PLEASE send it to yourself or another email address… then set it to once daily.

IF you use Microsoft Outlook at least here is a solution, using a little known feature of Office called FLOW..

First, you click on here: You should see the above screen.

If you already pay for Microsoft office then use that account. If you have a Microsoft account maybe use the trial?

CLick on Create
Pick Scheduled Flow
Build the flow like this and press create
click New step

Type outlook into the search and select “Send an email”

Fill out your email something like this…

You’ve got some advanced options if you need them… I don’t.

Click Save then you can use the checker and the test to make sure you didn’t make any mistakes. Hope this helps.

If you use Gmail, an app called Boomerang may help

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