3 Industries which can benefit from Excel consultancy

Excel is often seen as a standard for accountancy, doing simple maths and the filing of numeric data. The truth is though that Excel can do a lot more, the power of Excel just simply isn’t appreciated by many industries. Here are 3 different industries which could be made much more efficient by a full consultancy.

E-Commerce Businesses

With E-Commerce business a lot of manual work is often done with stock control. Whenever new stock comes in or when stock becomes depleted this needs to be updated somewhere. If you run an online e-commerce platform, a spreadsheet and a database this can provide repetition. Excel gives you the ability to link to other sources to import and export data automatically, change a record on your spreadsheet and it can change the record on your online store without anymore manual action needed.

Reports can also be created to monitor stock and analyse where sales are being made, these can either be generated at a touch of a button from within your spreadsheet or automated over time.

If you use online selling sites such as eBay or Etsy then you’re also in luck, these come with APIs which can be easily integrated with your spreadsheets for easy data sharing.


Whilst scientific research will always be complicated, Excel can make it a lot simpler by the use of macros to avoid repetition and by pre calculated formulas that are likely to be reused. A new Excel system can be built to deal with specific data sets, no matter how large these might be. Switching between different types of data to analyse and process results can be made much easier with a bespoke Excel dashboard.

Often there are many solutions out there to deal with scientific needs, one of them being NAG – a comprehensive library of routines, designed to provide efficiency when it comes to science.


When producing goods from machinery it’s useful to know the volume that can be produced, along with the efficiency of the staff employed to run the machinery. Monitoring software can be used along with a spreadsheet which can produce regular automated monitoring reports. An Excel developer can create a spreadsheet can used to calculate stock levels and export the data off to potential buyers so they know exactly what you have in stock as it comes of the machines.