How to Integrate Excel into Your Web Applications

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Learning how to Integrate Excel into your web applications will definitely improve your presence on the Internet. Savvy online consumers are looking for quick, easy to understand information on products and services, our Excel specialists have a lot of experience in this field and are please to offer the following advice on integration.

Transferring Data Via Excel

Although transferring data via Excel sounds complicated, it only takes a few minutes to send data directly to a web page of your choice. In fact, Excel programmers have already done the hard work. Simply follow the directions.

Once you have all the required information on the spreadsheet, do not forget to save your data. Then, click on “File” in the upper left corner. Among the options, scroll down to “Publish”. The program will ask for a selection of the material to be published. Then, type in the URL where the data will be uploaded. In seconds, your site will display professionally crafted information.

Working with Web APIs

Working with web APIs does not necessarily require a professional programmer. Everyone familiar with the Internet has probably used an Application Programming Interface. An interface is simply the connection between a web page and an interactive application.

For example, Websites sell products online. In order for consumers to pay for purchases, an interactive application is necessary. Rather than programming their own interactive software, a business may ask PayPal, or a credit card company, for the code needed to place their interactive application on a web page.

The customer is directed to the payment site. Once the transaction is complete, the buyer is automatically redirected back to the seller’s web page. In many cases, API code is free to use, based on the mutual benefit to all parties.

Converting Excel Workbooks to Web Applications

For consumers to interact with the data provided, and Excel workbook must become a web application. Once again, Excel developers have anticipated the need to manipulate information on the Web. Simply select the document to be published as a web page. Then, the program provides a box to be checked, if the page is to be interactive.

Once the document is titled, and uploaded, a visitor can use the Excel menu tools to rearrange the data to his/her specifications. The program asks if the data should revert back to the original setting, once an individual is done using the application.

Integrating Excel into your web applications is easy and a definite boost for your web page.