manage start up capital in pandemic

How to Manage Your Startup Capital During the Pandemic


Despite the array of challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been a lot of new business filings over the last year in the UK and beyond. At the end of the day, there are plenty of advantages for entrepreneurs to take hold of right now, and if you approach it the right way, the pros can definitely outweigh the cons.

For example, startups have access to more talent than ever before. Businesses that are closing are selling off unwanted equipment. Business loans are available with the lowest interest rates in recent memory. And there’s a completely new set of customer needs that opens up perfect opportunities for new businesses in many industries.

In short, you have plenty of reasons to launch a startup right now. But to start a business that succeeds long-term, you must be vigilant about managing your capital effectively. The Excel Experts are here with some ideas for how you can do just that.


Value your time.

Your time is your most valuable commodity, and it’s essential to treat it as such. While you want to limit overhead costs as much as you can, you also don’t want to miss out on opportunities to make your operations more efficient. Make sure you develop a schedule that optimizes your productivity and try to stick to it as close as you can.

Another way to make the most of your time is to outsource any tasks that someone else could do better. Sure, hiring people costs money. But if you hire an expert for a task for which you lack expertise (or interest), then the task will get done much faster and likely at a higher quality. Plus, you will have more time to spend on running your company and doing the things you do best. Whether you need a WordPress developer, an IT specialist, or an accountant, you can find a wealth of qualified freelancers through online job platforms.


Maintain steady cash flow.

For any chance of success, you will need to know where your startup money is coming from and going. Without managing your cash flow, you will eventually run out of funds. Create a budget that will help your business operate smoothly and keep you prepared for the future.


Constantly track and monitor your finances.

Creating a budget is one thing; making it work is another. The most practical way to ensure that you stick to your budget is to constantly track and monitor your spending. One option is to hire a small business accountant or bookkeeper; this is ideal for entrepreneurs who have limited knowledge of financial management.

Another option is to manage your own finances through accounting apps and spreadsheet software. If you have a knack for financial management, or if you’re willing to learn, then this is the best way to keep close tabs on your company’s financial standing. And understanding your numbers will help you to plan accordingly for growth. Excel is a top-notch software for organizing a business budget, and consultants like The Excel Experts can help you incorporate this spreadsheet seamlessly into your operations.


Minimize fixed expenses.

Finally, remember that generating revenue is the single most important objective for a startup. Avoid the temptation to throw money into a fancy office space or unnecessary amenities. Keep your overhead as low as possible, and put most of your capital toward growth. Then, you can lay a solid foundation on which to build a lucrative long-term venture.

There are plenty of opportunities for new businesses in this day and age. If you choose that now is the time to launch your startup, make sure you make the most of your capital. Along with implementing the tips above, keep learning as much as you can about financial management so that you can keep your company strong from the beginning.


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