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The Latest Small But Powerful Microsoft Excel Update

Microsoft, the international software giant that provides some of the most popular programs available today, including Excel, Word, Outlook and SharePoint, has recently shared the news that it’s working on a small but mighty update to its system. 

This latest change will affect Microsoft Excel and make it easier than ever before to use formulas to calculate data and create percentages, totals and other important figures. 

The company is currently working on this new update, which it hopes to launch later this month, and the announcement has been met with excitement from IT experts and tech enthusiasts. 

Keep reading to find out more about this update and how it will affect you. 

What New Updates Does Microsoft Have Planned For Excel?

As part of its update roadmap for its 365 suite of products, Microsoft has announced that it will be making an update to Excel and the way its formulas work. 

There are two key features that will characterise this development. The first is an innovative resizable formula toolbar, which can be spread across multiple lines. 

It can be resized and moved, making it convenient for anyone working on long and complicated formulas. You’ll be able to see what you’re doing easily, rather than viewing your formula in the small cells as many people do currently. 

Additionally, Microsoft is also adding a card view that will appear when users are writing formulas and help them to be more efficient and effective. 

Known as the ‘Argument Assistance’ tool, this upcoming development will offer Excel users descriptions of the formula and clear examples of the arguments currently being used in it. This tool could save time and reduce the risk of error when inputting new formulas or amending existing ones. 

It will remain on screen until the user is finished making their formula, meaning that it can help them throughout every stage of the insertion and editing process. 

This upcoming development will be particularly useful for businesses, as it can help to reduce the chances of a mistake that could lead to a loss of data or corruption of an important Excel database. 

With increasing numbers of organisations relying on Excel as a database in which to store and manage their numerical information, rather than paying for expensive alternatives, it’s clear that this update could be incredibly valuable to leaders from across the corporate landscape. 

How Else Does Microsoft Help Users To Make The Most Of Formulas?

Updates are a great way for Microsoft to help its users to make the most of its tools and to improve the user experience, but they’re not the only way that the company works to support its customers. 

Since launching Excel, Microsoft has been dedicated to helping users to make the most of its unique features, including its formulas and has launched a range of initiatives to go alongside its updates and make using Excel as simple and straightforward as possible. 

As part of this focus, the company offers a formula tutorial to users and is constantly reviewing its tools to adapt them to the needs of its users. 

With Microsoft’s learning portal, users can find the latest tips, tricks and templates to help you to make the most of all of the company’s software tools, including Excel. 

As a result, users can learn about every software solution that Microsoft offers and how they can work together to streamline workflows, save man-hours and much more. 

Start Making The Most Of Excel Formulas Today

If you’ve not been making the most of Excel’s formulas, then now is the time to start. Microsoft’s latest upcoming update will make it easier for novices to use formulas and make the most of all the innovative features that Excel has to offer, but it’s still worth learning some basic skills. 

If you don’t understand formulas and how they work, then you won’t be able to apply them to your data and work out innovative ways to make the most of Excel’s extensive array of functions. 

Learning about formulas might seem tough, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Microsoft offers a range of resources on its learning portal to help its customers, and there are plenty of dedicated professionals out there to guide you through the process if you need tailored advice. 

As a leader in Excel consultancy services, we’re here to help. The Excel Experts offer a regularly updated blog that gives you insight into the latest tricks and techniques you can use when managing data in Excel. 

For more information about our Excel consultancy and training services, contact us on 0800 772 3782 or by emailing We can get you on the road towards making the most of Excel formulas and show you how to use these upcoming updates to your advantage. 

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