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How To Stay Mobile With The Microsoft Excel App!

The digital world has never been more mobile-focused, with most websites now optimised to be viewed on mobile-first, and most popular programmes and software available to download as apps or mobile-friendly versions.

Microsoft Office is no exception, with Word, PowerPoint and Excel all available in app format, for those who want to create or edit docs on the go. For Excel users, it’s no longer necessary to be sat at your desktop PC, as Excel for Mobile contains all the standard functions, as well as a few mobile-specific features too.

As new features are being constantly added, we’ve pulled together a quick round-up of the recent updates and benefits from the Microsoft Excel app, and the top reasons it’s such an essential download for you and your business.

It’s optimised for use on both Apple and Android

The Apple/Android divide is one that still separates many smartphone users, with fans in each camp claiming superiority.

As a third-party developer, however, Microsoft has ensured that both Apple and iOS users receive the same great features and user experience, whichever mobile OS you prefer.

The app on both formats has recently benefited from a visual overhaul across the entire Microsoft Office suite, with updated typography, icons, cells and splash screens all contributing to a much cleaner and clearer aesthetic.

It makes the most of your camera

One big benefit that Excel for mobile has over its desktop companion is the ingenious way it utilises the camera found on your mobile device. In fact, this applies to all programmes in the Microsoft Office suite, as the app versions let you use your camera to scan documents and import them into their respective formats.

Convert print into an editable Word document, drop camera images directly into a Powerpoint presentation, or convert a table into an Excel spreadsheet. This feature isn’t just handy for working on your commute, it’s a valuable function that can save you time in the office too.

It offers a Dark Mode

Dark Mode has been a building trend in mobile technology over the last year. As part of ongoing initiatives for digital well-being, this feature works to dim your mobile display, as well as filtering out blue light from the screen’s colour palette.

The benefits of this function are to reduce eye strain during long periods of work, as well as making the display easier to view in dim surroundings. The reduction of blue light is also thought to help the brain to unwind during late-night use, as blue light may be interpreted by the brain as the sun’s ultraviolet rays, which makes it more difficult for users to sleep immediately after use.

With a Dark Mode option available across all Microsoft Office apps, you can avoid this potential hazard of late-night screen use.

One billion Excel users can’t be wrong

Although the Excel app is available on both Android and iOS, this impressive stat comes courtesy of the Google Play Store for Android alone.

Microsoft Excel for mobile is now in an exclusive club with Microsoft Word, OneDrive and Skype, all of which have received over one billion downloads on Android alone.

This impressive achievement goes a long way to illustrate just how user-friendly the Excel mobile app really is, as well as how widely it has been adopted by both domestic and commercial users.

Microsoft Excel App Key Features

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application that comes with a powerful set of features to help you manage data and perform complex calculations.

Excel VBA Mac Worksheet

Here are some key features of the app:

Worksheet management

Microsoft Excel lets you create, edit, and save worksheets in various formats. You can also password-protect your worksheets to prevent unauthorized access.

Data entry and manipulation

With Microsoft Excel, you can easily enter and manipulate data in cells. The app also supports various formulas and functions to perform calculations on data.

Charting and graphing

Microsoft Excel provides comprehensive charting and graphing options to visualize data. You can create bar charts, line graphs, pie charts, and other types of charts and graphs.

Printing and sharing

Microsoft Excel lets you print your worksheets or share them electronically with others. You can also export your worksheets to PDF format for easy sharing.

Need an Excel Expert?

If you’d like to ensure your business is fully harnessing the power of Microsoft Excel, then be sure to speak to The Excel Experts.

Whether you’re looking to introduce a whole new spreadsheet system for workflows and reporting or improve the productivity of an existing set-up, we’re ready to help. We can create workbooks, train your staff in how best to use Excel, and help your business go from strength to strength.

For more information then be sure to check out our plethora of Excel consultancy services that are on offer either at your place of work or remotely via one of our Excel specialists.

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