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If you’re looking for an experienced expert that offers a wide range of Microsoft Excel tuition, then the Excel Experts can help!

We offer a wide range of training courses designed to help beginners and advanced users take the next step in their career – or simply improve their current Excel knowledge.

Our Excel tuition is available in person or online, so we can cater to your needs no matter where you are in the world. We also offer bespoke training courses, so if you have specific requirements, then please get in touch, and we’ll be happy to help.

So whether you’re looking to improve your Excel skills for work or you want to learn how to use excel for personal use, we can offer you the guidance and support that you need.

If you’re ready to take your Excel knowledge to the next level, then contact the Excel Experts today!

Excel Tuition for Beginners

Microsoft skills are among the most basic IT skills that most working professionals today need to possess. Most people have mastered the other Microsoft programmes like Word or PowerPoint, but Excel continues to elude a lot of people.

This is simply because a lot of people are unaware of the potential that Excel holds. It holds a lot of potential. While data analysis is one of the core functions, it isn’t the only thing that Excel does. As a beginner, there is a lot to learn. 

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Understanding Excel Workbooks

The terminology used in Microsoft Excel can feel a little confusing at times. An excel workbook is simply a collection of worksheets. The workbooks themselves have different limitations to the worksheets and the data analysis options that it offers.

Understanding workbooks is one of the first things you should learn. 

Easy Formulas

A lot of beginners know a few of the basic formulas; however, in order to ensure that you are utilising Excel properly, you really ought to know more than the easy formulas.

Obviously, Excel has a section in the programme dedicated to formulas, and the internet can be a great resource when it comes to finding other formulas. Or you can take a course and learn more from the Excel Experts. 


Formatting your Microsoft Excel worksheets correctly is important because it directly affects the data produced, and therefore all processes which then use that data will be misinformed, and the findings will be false. This can be incredibly detrimental to your business. 

Charts & Graphs

Another element of Microsoft Excel that a lot of beginners are unaware of is the possibility to make charts and graphs using the data on your Excel worksheets or workbooks.

With the right knowledge, you can make the data in your worksheets into a graph that is more user-friendly and easily understandable for those who aren’t Excel savvy or don’t have time to poor over the data themselves. 

excel charts and graphs

Working With Data

Working with data can be daunting, especially for beginners. Using Excel properly is all about working with the data to make it as understandable and clear as possible. 


The data collected on an Excel worksheet can also be used to create reports. Again, there is an insert on the programme that you can use to create the reports. It is another method that you can use to transform the data into more manageable and readable information.

Excel Training Courses for Advanced Users

After you have grasped the basics, or if you already consider yourself somewhat knowledgeable in Microsoft Excel, you can start to think about learning more about the advanced functions.

Below is a look at some of the more advanced concepts and techniques. Taking a class like the ones provided by the Excel Experts can really help to make it more accessible by providing support and clarification when needed. 

Pivot Tables

An Excel PivotTable is a tool which can be used to analyse, summarise or calculate data provided in a spreadsheet. It can be used to find patterns, trends or comparisons in the data.

Conditional Formatting

Conditional formatting is essentially as it sounds. The data collected in your spreadsheet is formatted using conditions that you have set out previously. It can help when it comes to visualising data, searching for specific pieces of information, or highlighting differences

Advanced Formulas

There are a lot of formulas that can be used in an Excel spreadsheet, depending on what you want to do with the data. Some of those formulas are more advanced than others. 

excel formulas

Visual Basic

Visual Basic is an umbrella term for a number of computer programming languages. These languages have several applications, including in allowing you to develop solutions to customise your Microsoft Excel use to suit your personal or professional needs. 

Power Query

Microsoft Power Query is an add-on for Excel that can be used to enhance the application and your use of it by simplifying the process.

Excel Tuition for Businesses

Excel skills are all but essential in many industries and businesses today. It has a number of applications for businesses which can help the business to achieve its goals, whatever they may be. 


Excel can be used to support a number of accounting functions like invoicing, balance sheets, financial statements and budgeting too. In fact, most accounts use Microsoft Excel daily to accomplish their tasks.

Inventory Tracking

You can also use Microsoft Excel to keep track of your business’s inventory. It can be used to record sales and orders as well as keeping tabs on the items in the warehouse. This is perhaps more practical for smaller businesses, with bigger businesses graduating to an automated POS system

Mailing & Contact Lists

It is also an excellent place to keep track of your mailing and contact lists. You can use tabs to document how each person found your business and whether they have made an order or not too. 

Excel Tuition for Businesses


There are a number of tools, most of them have been mentioned somewhere in this blog post, that can help you to transform the data into something that is easier to visualise, like reports, graphs or charts. 

HR Management

Microsoft Excel can be used to make HR management easier. This is because you can create calculations using metrics which devise analytics to provide a snapshot of your HR processes. After creating the solutions, you can set them to automate, which then requires less input from you, freeing you up for other tasks.

Checklists & Task Lists

Excel is also a great place to house your checklists or task lists. It keeps them all in one place, and you can mark them off as you go. This is especially relevant for those that have varying tasks depending on the day; it ensures that you haven’t forgotten anything.

Time Logs

A lot of smaller businesses use Microsoft Excel to produce time sheets. There are a number of templates that you can use. It ensures that employees are being paid correctly. 

Excel Tuition & Training Courses for Personal Use

The Excel Experts offer tuition for Excel – obviously – and other Microsoft Office applications for both personal and professional use. This means you can take a course to further your own career prospects and increase your earning potential. 

On the other hand, if you are a business owner wanting to train your employees or yourself in Excel, then the Excel Experts also offer tuition to help. You can learn all the techniques necessary to aid in your business’s growth. 

Why Choose To Learn With The Excel Experts

While learning more about the various Microsoft Office applications online is possible, teaching yourself isn’t always the best course of action. Learning from professionals and benefitting from their tutelage is often a lot quicker and requires far less trial and error, and the Excel Experts are aptly named.

Online & On-site Excel Tuition

You can benefit from both onsite and online tuition. The Excel Experts have three locations in London, Bristol and Somerset. You can learn onsite if you are local to one of these locations, then you can head over to learn in person; if not, you can learn online or a hybrid of the two.

Whichever will work best for you. Some people do prefer to learn in person, but not everyone excels under in-person tuition. 

Flexible Learning

The Excel Experts offer flexible learning solutions so that you can fit the learning around your other responsibilities. Or you can also adjust the learning to fit a timescale if you have one. 

VBA Excel Training

VBA stands for Visual Basic for Applications, and, essentially, it is the computer programming language which is used for the various Microsoft Office Programmes.

Having a better understanding of VBA and its uses simply means that you will be able to customise the Microsoft Office programmes to your or your business’s needs. This is because you will then be able to automate tasks, adjust the interface and develop solutions using the programmes. 

Microsoft Office

If you don’t know much about Microsoft Office at all, you can take courses which helps to further your knowledge of each Microsoft Office application, including programmes like Word, Outlook and PowerPoint too.

Refresher Excel Courses

If you already have a pretty good knowledge base, then you could opt to do a refresher course. This, as the name suggests, simply refreshes your knowledge if you haven’t used Excel in a minute. You might also learn some new skills as the industry progresses. 

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    How can I learn Excel quickly?

    By taking a course from a reputable and certified business like the Excel Experts, you can learn everything you need to know much more quickly than you would if trying to learn it alone. 

    Is getting Excel certified worth it?

    If you want to increase your career and salary prospects or if you already know that you are going to need these skills in the career of your choice, then yes, obviously, it is worth it. 

    How long will it take to learn Excel?

    The answer depends on the course and largely on you. Some people are quicker learners than others. You can find courses to suit your time requirements too. There are single-day courses and longer courses depending on how much you want to learn.

    Are Excel skills in demand?

    This is hard to answer because it depends on the industry and the roles that you are interested in. Excel skills are advantageous in a number of careers, but they aren’t necessarily needed in others. 

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