Microsoft Excel Tutoring Tips & Advice

If you’re like many people, you probably use Microsoft Excel for a variety of tasks in your personal and professional life.

Whether you’re tracking your monthly budget or managing a team at work, Excel can be an extremely useful tool. But if you don’t know how to use all of its features, you might be missing out on some of its most powerful capabilities.

Our courses can teach you everything from the basics of using formulas and functions to advanced tips and tricks that will let you automate tasks more efficiently.

A Microsoft Excel tutor will be able to show you how to use the software to its full potential and help you become more confident and proficient to master excel.

Our online Microsoft Excel tutors will guide you every step of the way so you can learn at your own pace in the comfort of your own home.

And best of all, our online lessons can be tailored to meet your specific needs, so you get the most targeted and relevant help.

From beginner excel lessons to more advanced Microsoft Excel classes, we have something for everyone.

Employers love people who have some knowledge of Microsoft Office, and with our teaching experience, you’ll be an Excel rockstar in no time at all!

If you’re interested in learning how to use Excel more effectively, consider taking a Microsoft Excel tutoring course with us, The Excel Experts!

Microsoft Excel For Beginners

If you have never used Excel before, let’s quickly break down the basics. Microsoft Excel allows you to create and edit spreadsheets. It can be used to organise, interpret, and present information. It is most commonly used to sort data, create graphs and charts, and to make budgets.


An Introduction To Microsoft Excel Lesson Plans

Our Microsoft Excel Lessons can help you to develop and hone your skills whether you are a beginner or advanced. Our courses and training sessions are available both online and on-site, and we can tailor our courses to meet your specific needs and requirements. 

Learn Key Excel Skills

If you are starting from the beginning, there are five different key Excel skills to learn about. These will give you the tools you need to use Microsoft Excel in your place of work. 

  • Data Organisation
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Basic formulas
  • Charts and Graphs
  • Pivot Tables

These will have a firm handle on what Excel is most commonly used for and how you can make it work for you. These are the basics from which you can take your learning much further.

If you are picking up Excel for the first time, it may seem intimidating. However, with our tutoring, you will quickly see that it unlocks so many different tools. 

Your First Lesson

Your first lesson will bring you up to speed with how a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet works. We will help you to understand the basics of inputting data and make you comfortable with the layout. 

Once you have a handle on the landscape, we will teach you how to modify the cells and columns. This will include dragging and dropping and how you can use the fill handle. By the end of the first lesson, you will feel confident modifying and formatting columns, rows, and text.

Online Tutor vs Classroom-Based Learning

We are all pushed for time and learning online allows you to be more flexible regarding the scheduling of your lessons. However, there are some key differences between using an online tutor and class-based Excel learning.

  • Classroom-based learning allows you to learn with others.
  • Online-based tutoring allows you to go at your own pace.
  • Online tutoring makes it easier to practice in your own time.

We know that everyone has specific needs when it comes to learning and that everyone is approaching this subject from different starting points. By offering both online tutoring and classroom-based learning, we can ensure that you go at the right pace for you.

Advanced Microsoft Excel Lessons

If you are comfortable with the basics of Microsoft Excel and you are looking to take your skills to the next level, we recommend that you take one of our advanced lessons. 

An advanced Microsoft Excel lesson will focus on teaching you the formulas you need to use Excel for business. These formulas will allow you to analyse data and create prediction models. 

There is a big difference between knowing your way around Excel and using it to create the kinds of graphs and models that finance experts need.

We can tailor our advanced Microsoft Excel levels to your current skill set and to the business area that you will be working in. We also offer advanced Microsoft Excel lessons to businesses who want to take their team’s skills to the next level.

VBA Excel Training Courses

Microsoft Excel is about more than putting a spreadsheet together. One of our most popular course options is VBA Excel Training. For the uninitiated, VBA stands for Visual Basic for Applications.

VBA is used in Excel when you want to write macros. It can be time-consuming to keep doing the same tasks repeatedly, whether it is copying and pasting or getting your data uploaded.

Learning VBA in Excel will teach you how you can automate these tasks to save you time and effort. You can programme macros to do these tasks for you. 

Users can customise their own controls and shortcuts to save time and energy. With our VBA in Excel training course, you will develop the confidence and skills you need to get on top of your workflow in no time. 


Microsoft Office Training Courses

There is a lot more to Microsoft Office than Excel, and one of the most important skills that you can learn is how to manage the Office Suite. If you are launching a business with new staff, you will want to know that they know their way around it.

With our Microsoft Office training courses, we can help your team learn how to integrate Microsoft Office applications with Excel, including Outlook, PowerPoint, and Word.

We offer basic training which will give your employees the essentials in these four programmes, as well as advanced training sessions which can be tailored to suit the specific needs of your team and their relevant existing skill sets.

We know that there can be a gap between a candidate putting “Microsoft Office skills” on their CV and them having the specific skills you need for your business. We will work with you to ensure that everyone is on the same page. 

Why The Excel Experts Are Your Ideal Excel Tutor

There are a lot of tutors out there but there we are a company that can offer the personal touch to provide quality education.

At The Excel Experts, we pride ourselves on working with our clients to ensure that we are helping them to meet their goals. Whether you are looking for an hour of advice for a specific problem or looking to learn the basics from scratch, we can help. What’s more, we have a passion for the possibilities that Excel provides, and we are constantly looking to learn more ourselves.

We have over ten years of experience, and we are ready and willing to work with you remotely or on-site. We have hundreds of satisfied customers, and we can provide a quote ahead of time to ensure that we are working within your budget.

Whether you are an individual looking to boost your employability by adding some skills to your resume, or a business looking to take your team’s knowledge to the next level, The Excel Experts are the ideal choice. 

Conclusion: Learn Microsoft Excel With The Excel Experts

Microsoft Excel can seem a little daunting for anyone who has never used it for more than a basic data spreadsheet before. It can also be the missing piece of the puzzle for any business looking to take their company further. 

Search our website to learn more about the different courses and services that we have on offer. If you have any queries at all, we would love to help. We care about your business, and we have the experience to deliver on our promise. 


Is Microsoft Excel easy to learn?

With the right attitude and approach, Excel can be relatively easy to learn. Our experts break down every topic in an easy-to-understand manner, whatever the experience level you are at.

How long does it take to learn Microsoft Excel?

This depends on your level of expertise and experience. For beginners, we recommend at least a few hours of training to get started. For more advanced users, we recommend at least several days or weeks of additional tutoring and practice to become an expert.

Can I learn Microsoft Excel on my own?

Yes, you can learn Microsoft Excel on your own, but it may take longer and be more difficult than learning with a tutor or taking a class. If you are struggling with Excel, we recommend that you seek out an expert – like us!

What’s Microsoft Excel used for?

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application used for storing, organising, and manipulating data. It is commonly used in businesses for financial analysis, budgeting, and tracking expenses. It can also be used for personal tasks such as creating a budget, tracking your investments, or managing your household bills.

Will I learn about Excel charts and graphs too?

Yes! In addition to covering the basics of Excel, our experts can also teach you about more advanced topics like creating charts and graphs.

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