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Streamline Your Business with Microsoft Office Automation

Do you remember being promised a leisure society in the ’70s? .. I do… “What happened to that?” we ask ourselves. What indeed.

There is something on everybody’s computer desktop that can save you a lot of time and possibly even give you more leisure… Automation is that give back. Automation says, “Why would we do something if a computer can do it better?!”

IF there are 3 reasons why an individual does not use automation on his or her computer surely they must be:

  • You don’t know about it.
  • You don’t have time to ‘get it.’
  • You like doing it without the help of a computer.

Suppose we’re too busy rushing to keep up, to see that you never will catch up anyway. You’ll be playing catchup forever unless you box a little clever.

Automation, specifically Microsoft Office automation, is in many ways what it’s all about here at The Excel Experts.

Streamlining Your Business Workflow

Automation is the art of making software packages do a job without you having to do anything yourself, apart from pressing a button or something to start it off.  You can use Microsoft Office Access, Word, Outlook, Powerpoint and Excel automation to streamline your business workflow.

Automation can make the different parts of Office talk to one another, pass information to one another, and work together to complete a task. To understand this, you need to see how the various software platforms communicate with one another.

Automating The Microsoft Office Suite

Automation of Microsoft Excel

Streamlining your processes using Excel automation is the pinnacle of efficiency and can be difficult without expensive software and programming expertise.

Some of the core activites that can be automated using Microsoft Excel include.

  • Automatic validation of a worksheet before saving it.
  • Import of information from other systems (such as a foreign database).
  • Saving of company expense reports into a database for summary or analysis.
  • Merging spreadsheets or whole workbooks – Excel can select individual tabs or areas of a worksheet for insertion/calculation.
  • Formating and computerisation of data
  • Export of reports, pivot tables, etc., into Powerpoint for publishing and presentations.

Microsoft Excel automation really is the power-house of your business. Contact us today to find out how we can help your business save time and money using Excel automation.

Automation of Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is much more than a simple word processing programme. It has a wealth of features that can be automated, saving you many hours of manual data input and reducing the risk of double data entry and human error.

  • Create documents that read information from another system and populate common controls, such as combo boxes or lists with this information.
  • Make a document that can import information from other systems, such as databases, Excel workbooks, etc.
  • Create worksheets that can validate themselves before saving.
  • Automate documents so that when you save them, they will save their information into a database.
  • Write macros that can automatically spell check, find/replace, format, justify and otherwise prepare a report.
  • Make workbooks that can export reports, pivot tables, etc., into Powerpoint for publishing and presentations.

Our Excel experts have extensive experience in automating Microsoft Excel functions.

Automation of Microsoft Outlook

Email is a daily essential, and Microsoft Office is the go-to choice for many business users. Not only does it have a modern, easy to use interface it also has a range of automation features including:

  • Outlook can confirm data before sending or emailing it.
  • Export data into Excel or other databases.
  • Make Outlook populate your calendar, using data from other sources, such as Excel or a CSV file.

Automation of Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access is another powerful Microsoft Office Suite programme that you can use to automate manual and time-consuming business processes. Some of the work we’ve done for clients in Microfot Access includes:

  • We can build custom applications that will help you track the types of information that your company needs. Contacts, Appointments, Sales, Employees, Expenses, Telemarketing, Service, Human Resources, Ordering, Inventory, Engineering, etc
  • Create a Mail Merge.
  • Populate other office applications with information from Access.

Contact our team of Excel Experts today with any questions or queries you have about Office automation. We’ll help you streamline your business processes using the amazing automation features Microsoft Office offers.

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