Position of Junior Sound Engineer- Unreal Vistas

Your Job: To colour our landscapes and buildings with sound.

We are looking for a junior programmer/sound engineer who is interested in coding and wider uses of CAD, to help us progress an exciting project in the AEC sector linked to a major construction firm.

An essential part of any project such as this is the soundscape in which the proposed building will sit. With a model of a school, sounds of children and bells will greatly enhance what the client is experiencing during their digital tour.

How does the nearby road sound if you open a window on a warm day?

It is possible to simulate this. To model the acoustic properties of various materials.

This role will include collecting soundscapes, analysing/filtering/cleaning the sound files

  • Python, c and C++ are the main languages we will be using.
  • Experience of Unreal Engine would be good but not essential.
  • Interest in building acoustic filters could be very helpful. As could knowledge with any sound orientated software: Audacity, Cubase etc..


Digital twin, Metaverse, Python

Unreal Engine, soundscape, music.

The project will use:

python 3.9

Unreal Engine 4.27

cubase or similar platform.

Visual studio 2022

The latest releases of:

  • Pycharm (community edition) compiler.

You will gain experience in and we have full online training courses in :

  • Python
  • 3d audio modelling and acoustic animation/simulation
  • UE blueprint scripting
  • Even C++ for UE if you want
  • Python for UE

If you are interested please contact me at Ben@theexcelexperts.co.uk

thank you.