Power BI Consulting Services

What is Power BI?

  • Bring data from different sources (Excel, Database, Google Analytics, etc.)
  • Transform data into stunning visuals and access them on any device
  • Custom and dynamic filters, automatic updates, ROI analysis, all at one glance
  • Scale and share across your organization with permission and security role basis.

Why The Excel Experts?

Our expertise both in Excel and Power BI allows us to find the perfect solution to your business. If you are looking for ways of understanding and using your data to make decisions based on real performance rather than hunches, you are in the right place!


Customer Profit on Power BI
Customer Profit display Power BI

Our Power BI Consultants have helped and mentored organizations on Power BI to help them understand their data. We have designed, delivered and automated Power BI Dashboards to reduce manual work, get fast and powerful insights, and provide you with the tools you need to improve your business.


We ensure the best practices are tailored for your environment and our solution is future-proof in order to be scalable at any time. Our team focus on those topics that are most relevant to your situation and prepare a perfect solution to fit your current and future needs.


Insights are all about analyzing data to better understand your business and customers. We transform all these useless and slow tables, lagging navigations and filters into fast, dynamic, powerful and automatic dashboards to help you make faster and better decisions.


Whether you are working with a standalone solution or with multiple data sources, we prepare a solution able to collect, clean, transform and present all the data into one central solution that can be shared across the organization and on any device.