Power BI Google Analytics: For Data-Driven Decisions

Are you looking for a better way to present and interact with your Google Analytics data? Power BI Google Analytics (Desktop and Mobile) are powerful solutions for visualising website data and other data sources.

Using a Power BI dashboard, you can gain deep insights into your data to uncover new opportunities and potential issues that are holding your website back.

Power BI Google Analytics: Are They The Same?

No, Power BI is a business intelligence and data visualisation tool, while Google Analytics is a web analytics service. That said, the two tools can complement each other quite nicely.

For example, you could use Power BI to visualise your Google Analytics website traffic data in new and interesting ways or combine GA data with other data sources for even deeper insights.

Will Power BI Show Me Different Data Than Google Analytics?

Yes and No! If you only have Google Analytics connected as a data source, then that is the only data you will see in your Power BI dashboard.

Having said that, if you add additional data sources from a third-party service or your own company data (for example, from external data trends, email marketing platforms, digital marketing platforms, or social media), you will have a holistic view of your online activity because all the data can be visualised in one place – Power BI.


Power BI Google Analytics Integration: Yes Or No?

Yes, but to connect with Power BI, you will need a Google Analytics account. Once you have set up or logged into our account, you can use the Google Analytics connector to connect Google Analytics to Power BI.

You can also use Google Data Studio to access your marketing data from Google Analytics and other online services. One key benefit is that in one click, you can pull in select Google Analytics metrics that you’re tracking or your full suite of metrics and goals from online campaigns.


What Are the Benefits Of Using Power BI For Data Visualisation?

There are many benefits to using Power BI for data visualisation, including:

  • The ability to see all your website data in one place
  • The ability to combine multiple data sources for even deeper insights
  • Powerful visualisation that goes beyond what’s possible with Google Analytics
  • The ability to create customised dashboards and reports
  • The ability to share dashboards and reports with colleagues or clients
  • The ability to access your data on the go with Power BI Mobile Apps

If you are looking for a better way to visualise and interact with your Google Analytics data, then Power BI is definitely worth considering. It is a powerful solution that can help you uncover new insights and opportunities and keep an eye on potential issues that could be holding your website back.


How Much Do Power BI & Google Analytics Cost?

Power BI is free to download and use, but there are pricing tiers. You can connect a Google Analytics account to Power BI using the free tier. A Google Analytics account is also free, although there is a premium version (Google Analytics 360) that costs $150,000 per year.

If you’re new to Power BI or want to know more about the pricing structure, you can find out more in our Power BI for business article.

Is Power BI The Best Way To Visualise Website Data?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on your specific needs and requirements. However, Power BI is a very popular solution for visualising website data and other data sources. It offers a wide range of features and benefits that make it an excellent option for many businesses.

Final Thoughts: Power Bi Google Analytics

So, there you have it – our brief overview of Power Bi Google Analytics. Our experts are ready and waiting to help with your Power BI and Google Analytics questions! If you need help using or connecting these services, importing data or adding data in Power BI please get in touch with our Power BI Experts via our contact page.

We can also build custom Power BI dashboards and set you up with a Power BI account and implement Power BI desktop access for your organisation.

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