Sharepoint Services

Make SharePoint work for you

SharePoint is a multi-user document sharing tool from Microsoft, which is designed to integrate seamlessly with Microsoft’s wider Office 365 software package and provide a highly customisable collaboration platform for both local and remote teams.

As one of the most comprehensive and useful collaboration tools for businesses and organisations, SharePoint’s potential applications across virtually every type of industry are almost limitless-but if you’re not quite sure how to set up or use the software in the first place, you might not be able to use SharePoint to the best of its abilities.

The Excel Experts are expert SharePoint consultants, and we are here to help you to integrate and operate SharePoint for business into your operational collaborations, to ensure that your workstreams and SharePoint lists run properly and efficiently.

Why use Sharepoint?

SharePoint can help individuals and teams within your business or organisation to communicate and collaborate wherever they are, across a range of Microsoft document types including Excel, PowerPoint, Word and OneNote. When you upload a file or document to SharePoint, approved team members can access and view them via their browser, using user-specific permissions to read, change and work on documents within the drive.

SharePoint administrators can set bespoke control options to permit team members to view, edit or create documents, enhancing collaborative efforts across a range of devices and physical locations.

Allow your team to view, work on, add and edit documents in real time, with instant updates that the whole team can view, ensuring that every user sees and works with the very latest version of the data, and avoiding duplicated tasks or outdated information.

SharePoint notifications can be used to cascade emails or workflows to group members when triggered by user edits or changes to documents, all within the remit of a tightly controlled and administrator-determined set of permissions to ensure that only chosen members of the team can view and/or make changes to any given document.

The Excel Experts provide support and guidance for organisations in setting up and using SharePoint as part of our full range of Excel services, helping you to ensure that your SharePoint collaborations just work-first time, every time-and remain private from those who should not be viewing them!

How ‘The Excel Experts’ can help your business with Sharepoint

As specialist SharePoint consultants, we offer a full range of services designed to support SharePoint users and enhance your collaborations.

Some of our core SharePoint support services include:

  • Configuring and setting up SharePoint software either on-site or remotely.
    Setting up Excel workbooks or Excel services to operate correctly when opened and edited via SharePoint-something that normal Excel workbooks are not designed to do.
  • Setting administrator and user permissions for team members, such as read-only or full editing options.
  • Creating and integrating code to allow Excel services to read and write data to databases, workbooks, CSV files and SharePoint lists.
  • Solving set-up and permissions problems with SharePoint and ensuring that your SharePoint software is correctly configured and operating properly.
  • Setting up either simple or complex workstreams in SharePoint that can be triggered by an action carried out on a spreadsheet.
  • Troubleshooting and fixing common SharePoint error messages and problems to ensure that SharePoint works properly.
  • Analysing and reviewing your existing SharePoint protocols, to help you to streamline your operations and ensure that SharePoint does what you need it to do, saving your company time and money.

These are just a few of the ways that we can help with SharePoint – Ask for a free quick quote to get started, or contact The Excel Experts now to find out more about our comprehensive SharePoint support service from dedicated, professional experts here in the UK.

The kinds of questions our customers ask about Sharepoint

Is SharePoint expensive?

Not necessarily no… If you already use Microsoft Office 365 then you probably already have a sharepoint site you can use.

How does it relate to Excel?

You can store your spreadsheet on the Sharepoint site and use all of SharePoints built in features to make the document save and available.

With SharePoint you can use Excel in 2 ways:

A user can download the workbook and use it, then save it back to the sharepoint site
A user can interact with the workbook through a browser.