Why I want a spectroscopic analyzer on my smartphone

I read with great interest about the Hertzstuck sensor, a spectroscopic analyser on a chip. Small enough to attach or even embed in a smartphone, the prospects are truly exciting. Its clear, this technology will put some real power in the hands of you and I.

Essentially, most objects reacts to light in some way or another. An objects colour, is a direct consequence of this reaction.  Taking the idea a step further, shining a light onto an object and analysing the light that bounces off it can tell us huge amounts about the objects deep nature, much much more than just its colour.

Spectroscopy is used intensely In astronomy. The spectra emitted by a stellar object tells us so much about it.  This is largely how we can verify our theories on black-holes, quasars, potentially habitable planets and so on. Telescopes such as the Hubble and numerous land based telescopes use spectroscopic analysers to interpret what they see.

On a more daily basis, such a chip will enable you and I to scan foodstuffs in supermarkets and restaurants and will in many cases tell us exactly what’s in the foodstuff. Is it truly vegan? Does it contain peanuts? All sugars, fats, minerals and contaminants have their own unique spectroscopic finger print. Food that is not fresh has a different signature. Now THAT is power.

Think of how it will stop so much fraud and malpractice that goes undetected normally in foods, fabrics, pharmaceuticals and ‘cheap imitations’  …. Now I’m waiting to load that data into Excel and do some interesting science on it. tag heuer formula 1 diamonds replica fake rolex watch test replica tag heuer watches breitling transocean replica uk iwc portofino review replica