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If you’re looking to hire Excel experts and or a spreadsheet consultant to help you with Excel, or any type of spreadsheet you’re in the right place! The Excel Experts can help with a range of tasks from quick fixes to large scale spreadsheet projects.


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What Is An Excel Spreadsheet Consultant?

An Excel spreadsheet consultant is an IT professional that is trained in using Microsoft Excel to create bespoke spreadsheets, integrate Excel with other systems such as eCommerce and train others in how to
use Excel for business

Because Excel can deliver such diverse solutions many consultants specialise in a particular area. One of the benefits of using an Excel consultancy like The Excel Experts is that we have a team of people covering every aspect of Excel. So, whatever problem you need fixing we’ve got an expert to help!


Why Hire A Spreadsheet Consultant?

A spreadsheet consultant can be an incredibly useful resource for your business to have. From
creating excel spreadsheets to streamlining your business with Excel automation hiring a spreadsheet expert will save you time and money. 

Some of the tasks that spreadsheet consultants are able to help you with include:


  • Spreadsheet design
  • Excel spreadsheet automation
  • Data visualisation in Excel
  • Pivot Tables
  • Accurate & error-free data entry
  • Simplifying complex spreadsheets
  • Creating reports in Excel
  • Invoicing template creation
  • Excel to eCommerce integration
  • Excel Macros & VBA
  • Dashboard creation
  • MS Office on-site & online training

One of the main reasons for hiring a consultant is to help your business save time. Small business owners, in particular, wear many hats so using Excel to automate your invoices for example will give you more time to deliver billable work. 

For large businesses that have greater project requirements hiring an expert that has skills in a particular area of Excel will ensure that your team can work efficiently and deliver the project on time with no issues.  


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How Much Does a Spreadsheet Consultant Cost?

The cost of hiring an Excel Expert will depend on the task or project that you need to complete. We quote every job individually based on the complexity of what needs doing and how long it will take to deliver your completed solution. 


Do Excel Consultants Offer Training?

While we can’t speak for other consultancies here at The Excel Experts we offer face to face and remote
MS Office and MS Excel training. The sessions that we deliver are are engaging and rewarding.

We’ve worked with some great people and companies to help ensure their staff have the excel skills required to complete tasks quickly and with minimum errors. 

If you’d like to book Excel training for yourself or your team please send us a message with more information about your organisation and your training requirements.

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The Excel Experts are here to help with your Excel tasks big or small, including spreadsheet help, consulting, reporting, VBA, automation, and Power Bi. Let us help you take your Excel skills to the next level with our experience in delivering solutions.

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