Starting Up A Business As A Stay At Home Dad. Part 3

In part #2 we discussed communication and its tremendous importance in running a successful business, a business that allows you to be a stay at home parent at the same time. There’s much more that will be said about communication in future articles but for now, we are going to take a look at the next crucial element in setting up your business – let us call it Crisis Management for sake of a better term.

In an office, you may choose not to answer your phone for various reasons, it’s unlikely your reason is quite as definite and unavoidable as when you have a young child demanding your attention. It gives a new meaning to the phrase “I can’t answer the phone or the door.”

Lilia was not hard work as a baby or a toddler. No more than you expect anyway. But she has always had her ‘requirements’ as we all do, and this has meant that I’ve had to evolve various coping strategies around working and looking after her. I thought I’d share a few ideas…

Here is one I wish I’d known sooner

Find your Peak Time and use it wisely

There is a period of about 1 and 1/2 hrs in your day when you are at your best for thinking deeply about things. Do you like talking on the phone in the morning? No? Nor do I … so don’t do it. Remember that really good answerphone message you’ve got? Use it.

Times like ‘School Run’, Breakfast, Lunchtime. Dinner not good times for phonecalls – don’t use immediate communications during these times, use deferred communication instead (text, WhatsApp) if you must. Much much better, turn the phone off at these times. Do your kids and yourself a favor.

Years ago I stopped wearing a watch because I felt that it had too much control over me. It represented time but was not time itself and anyway, I now had a mobile phone as a watch, I only need to take it from my pocket and I cannot believe I do this to check the time how many times in a day?? Hello! And every time I take my phone out I’m automatically updated with emails/texts/missed calls OUCH!

I want to be able to turn my wifi and mobile data off, and only urgent phone calls will ring (Urgent could be a tag in the communications file) and turn it back on at set times in the day. I need the possibility of turning on/off several times a day at set times. I have found out how to do this in Android and i will write a blog about it very soon.

Tomorrow I get a new battery put in my wristwatch.

Feng Shui Your Life

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of allowing the free flow of ideas and actions to flow unhindered through your life. As a system of rules, it can be applied to your living room, bedroom… where ever you want to increase the energy inherent in the space.

Any Daoist will tell you that your external environment is but a reflection of your inner world, and so Feng Shui becomes a guide to the space we inhabit in our center, in our heart. Where we are right here, right now is your Tai Chi, your living space. The magic square meter with you standing at the center.

That center spot is the center of the Bagua, The Chinese compass that just so reminds me of the alethiometer in Philip Pullmans His Dark Materials… Anyway, the compass points outwards in the areas of our life: Relationships, money, career, relatives, health and then goes on to help us develop free-flowing energy in all those areas. It is from our center that we can move out and inhabit these parts of our life. Whether we inhabit those areas in a constructive or destructive mode is the point of the Bagua.

A freedom worth having

If we emphasize the FREE part of free-flowing just, for now, we need to look at how we generate that freedom. We’re talking here about the freedom to be who you really are. It’s never too late, that’s what 8 years of teaching Tai Chi has taught me, its never too late. Becoming a dad at 45 taught me that also 🙂

Start dealing with your mobile phone – take control of your life and make sure messages only get through to you at the times when you can best deal with them.

We are currently building a system that could help you monetize your own expert skills, as this is often the key to the Freedom that you so want. You can see about it here