Starting Up A Business As A Stay At Home Dad. Part 5

If like me, when you first held that new baby you found yourself making the most solemn oaths imaginable, that you would care and protect her until your last breath. I would not let her down, and Nothing but Nothing would break that vow… Found me very quickly thinking “How the heck am I going to do this!” Actually becoming a Parent for the first time can be a massive shock.

If you know how to use a computer, if you are at home with a child, then there are ways that you can use that computer to make money. I’m not talking about the really low paid stuff either.

But to start making reasonable money on the internet then you need to start capitalizing on what you know. I’ve written a little bit about that you can read here.


The Golden Rule of Automation is I guess: “Don’t do something time and time again, that a computer can be taught to do much better. “

There is one thing that computers are very very good at, that thing is called Looping … going around in circles over and over and over and over again. Computers love it because they find it really easy, we, on the other hand, find doing repetitious acts generally boring, frustrating and often error-prone… Especially when we do those repetitious acts on a computer.

Maybe we innately know that the computer should be doing lots of this stuff for us, and we become frustrated that we don’t know how to get the computer to do it all for you. This is how very many if not most Excel Experts started off… working out how to do something FAST and without error, and often we found that Excel was an excellent host for automating just about anything on a computer.

For many people, they may spend much more time in Outlook than Excel, and those users may be fascinated to see what Automation is possible on Outlook. The first of a series about Automation in Outlook will be starting very soon.

I genuinely believe that the power that IS Automation, mixed with your creative power as a parent, can make a substantial difference to how you run your business, and, to your work/family balance.