The Best Free Excel Templates for Project Management

Project Management requires a lot of multi-tasking, and it can often be difficult to keep up with the various tasks and objectives you have running at any one time. You’ll need first-rate organisation, as well as an easy-to-view platform for your progress and results.

Microsoft Excel is the ideal tool for assisting with project management, whether you’re working as part of a small business or large organisation. What’s more, it’s easier than ever to manage your tasks and record your progress, thanks to a range of free Excel templates, available to download directly from Microsoft.

To help you get started, this blog will talk you through the best templates available, and how they can assist at the various stages of your project.

Ideas Planning

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The first stage of any project to set out the best ideas to help you define your tasks and achieve your objective. You may have been provided with a strategy from the start, or you may need to set aside some time to brainstorm your plan. This useful template is the ideal starting point, allowing you to assign tasks and due dates to your goal, and track your initial progress. With added room for notes, and the option to colour-code your status levels, it’s a great document to get you started.

Work Plan Timeline

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The next step in your project management journey will be to organise your workflow, and plan your activity into a clear timeline which can be easily followed. This worksheet template is split into two sections – activities and outcomes – letting you clearly define your ideas from the planning section into a roadmap for success. Simply input your tasks and outcomes into separate phases, and let the worksheet automatically update your roadmap with the data you enter. This template is both straightforward and easy-to-use, making it perfect for small businesses or those less familiar with Excel.

Project Tracker

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As a project manager, keeping multiple projects moving forwards at once can feel a bit like spinning plates. Luckily, this dedicated template is a ready-made solution to assist you with the functionality to track each task, add a description of its individual objective, as well as recording the colleague it’s assigned to, the time being spent, and the return-on-investment generated. This workbook allows managers to monitor tasks by either category or employee, and there’s an in-built calculator based on conditional formatting and user input to assist with flagging over/under results.

Milestone Tracker

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Most projects will include multiple milestones along the way to success, and its useful to track these deadlines visually. Working alongside your roadmap and tracker, this timeline will allow you to map out the journey of your project into a timeline diagram. As well as being a useful tool for tracking the progress of your project, a visual display of your milestones can also be an inspiring document. It allows both you and your team to measure your journey, and celebrate those mini-successes on the way to your ultimate objectives.

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